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As for keywords, I used : Copyright, Fair use, Music Copyrights, Trade marks and Copyrights, Copyrights law. As for a search engine, I used Google Scholar because  for me it was more effective and easy to use. The only problem I had with it though was the amount of time I spent on it. It just took a lot of my time to choose the right articles or ebooks that were available and a lot more accurate for my research topic. As for library database, I used CQ Researcher. It was also very very easy to work with. You just have to type few keywords and they give a lot of satisfying  results. the only bad thing about it is that it is out of date. What I meant by that is that most of the articles that were given to me was an article in the late 90s. I received very few  informations that are in the year of 2000 and up. In conclusion, I think both search engine and library database are very useful. It only depends on the way you work if you want to ask me which one is best. Some people think search engines are faster than library database. Some think its the opposite. But personnaly I would use Google scholar if I want to research something related to my topic because its easy for me even if I spend a lot of time finding the right  article.

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  1. Alae Mito says:

    I agree with Tojo. I have had came across the same problem as well. While searching on the library databases I have found many information that is accurate and reliable but sadly it was out of date. I could have used information but for my research paper I was looking for something more recently. I as well enjoyed using google scholars more than the library database because while using google scholar I found recent and reliable information. Unlike of course the regular google engine I had to read through and confirm that this information was useful for my paper. Another issue I also had was using the right keywords for the library database but I learned that on the side you could choose from what year you would like your research to start from.

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