Journal Entry 3

Well completing a search on my research topic I mainly used Google Scholar, Google Engine, and the library database. The keywords that I had used was, privacy, third-party, cookies, social networks and social net*. The differences between an internet search and a library search was that the internet search was much more simpler and was easier to use because it was more understandable to the way we type. Unlike the library database which you had to be very precise and use very relative keywords because typing in what you think could get you no where. The similarities between the 2 is that many of the times you would achieve the goal and actually find exactly the same or more or else something very similar. The thing i liked the mot about used the library database was being able to access information and articles you wouldn’t be about to access on a simple google search unless if the author allows it to be out there for free.

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  1. Ling says:

    I am totally agree with you. Using internet search engine is much easier and faster than library database. I found more articles that are more relevant to my research topic question on Google Scholar and simply typed key words in the search engine box. I hardly use library database for my reseach paper.

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