Journal entry 3

I used both Google Scholar and EBSCO to search my topic. Initially Google Scholar was an easier interface to understand. I could type with natural language and the search engine provided various articles that could be related to my topic. My largest issue was that there were too many articles, most of them had very little connection to my actual topic. Using EBSCO was more challenging. The database did not register natural language, my and/or search terms were generating completely off topic articles. After trying various combinations of key words I was able to find some substantial articles that directly related to me topic. While the search engine is more user friendly I found that the database had provided more relevant articles once the correct parameters were utilized

Jessica Bilikiewicz

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  1. Tojo says:

    I Agree with you. Google Scholar is indeed very useful. I used it as well because it is easier to search for my topic. However, Google scholar can be a pain sometimes. They give you too much informations that does not even concern your topic at all. And that waste an incredible amount of our time just to find the right information and then read it. As for ESBCO for a library database, I think it was pretty useful too. Its much more organized and easy to use as well. The only thing I did not like about it was that I have to pay for some certain sources in order to get what I want. Personally, for me, if it is about academic reseach purpose only, they should make those sources available for students for free. It is just hard for me to think that I am paying for a source of information just once and might never use it again. But overall, I think both database and search engine are pretty handy. It just depend on how good you are at using it.

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