Notes from today 4/11, and assignments for Tuesday 4/16

Today we discussed the evaluation of sources in any format and how to evaluate. Slides from today are available here. In class we crowdsourced criteria for evaluation using and put together a checklist of the best criteria, arriving at the following:

•Accuracy (is information correct?)


On Tuesday, we will continue our discussion of the evaluation of sources in any format; in particular, why to evaluate. Time permitting we will play an evaluation game. For Tuesday, please read the following 2 articles:

Fister, Barbara. “The Devil in the Details: Media Representation of ‘Ritual Abuse’ and Evaluation of Sources.”

Grimmelman, James.  “The Google Dilemma.”

Your blogging assignment is a comment: one comment of at least 100 words on one of your classmate’s blog posts, or 2 comments on 2 different posts totaling at least 100 words. The research paper outline is due by the beginning of class. Please get in touch if you have questions about this assignment.

~Prof. L

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