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When doing the annotated bibliography, I would have to say it was a pretty simple task to complete. Finding the sources for my research topic took some time though as there were some sources that did not relate to the topic at all. Library databases are useful in finding specific types of information along with the search options the sites provide. Google Scholar and Google News were also helpful in finding news sources and journals, but some of search results show sources that you would need to pay for. Citing the sources was either done on EasyBib or it was provided by the information source.

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  1. Chito2500 says:

    I agree 100%. Sometimes, when I find sources that seem legit at first, I clicked on them and they were nothing more than just fragments of information. There wasn’t enough information to strengthen my research topic. I also find the bibliography easy to complete as well. As for paying for information, I find it unnecessary and wasteful because there are plenty of other places to get information for free. In fact, it is everywhere you look. The news are very helpful in my part too. Nobody wants to be caught lying to readers and if I were a news guy, I wouldn’t lie either. Sometimes, the sources we have obtained can also lead to other sources too.

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