Research Journal Entry 3

Dear Journal,

Today, I have continued my research on my topic: copyright and fair use. When I started searching, I first type in specific keywords. Obviously, they are “copyright” and “fair use”. The databases I’ve used provided some promising results, about half of them gave me pretty much the same information. A few of the sources say that people continue to steal ideas even though they are fully aware of the consequences they would endure. Others say that remixes, mash-ups, and various versions of an original work are under fair use because the overall idea is preserved. I’m sure there is a lot more information out there just waiting for me to obtain them. However, it won’t be easy because some of my searches will not help me at all due to either lack of information or irrelevance. In the end, I must get my hands on more sources. I believe that this action will further improve my research. Looks like I must get back to work. Time is not on my side here and therefore, must make every second count.


Virgilio Samo III


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