Research journal 3

What words or phrases did you use to search?

Some the keyword and phrases I used during my research are:

Abuse of USA Patriot Act, Patriot Act privacy concern, patriot act civil liberties violation, national security letter abuse or overuse, FBI monitoring of U.S Citizen, wiretapping, etc…

What are the similarities and differences between the results of your two searches?

In my opinion there aren’t that many similarities when comparing a standard search engine and a scholarly one.   Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not used to scholarly search engines but to me they are a little confusing and frustrating to navigate, especially around the pay wall. The only positive aspect is when you are fortunate enough to get a result that match what you’re looking for, there is an abundance of information compared to what a standard search engine produces. I think that the results that are produced by the standard search engine are more helpful. They are easier to navigate and produce a lot more usable links.

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