Notes from today (4/9) and reading/blogging homework for Thursday 4/11

Today we wrapped up the Finding Information and Media section of the course with a discussion on finding articles in library databases. Slides from today are available here. Some library databases that I recommend (some of which we searched in class) are the following:

Review the list of library databases or browse by subject area here. If you locate articles using Google Scholar or another resource check here to see if the library can provide you with full-text access. For issues with off-campus access, review the off-campus database access instructions.

On Thursday, 4/11, we’ll move into a discussion on using information and media, starting with how to evaluate information sources. For Thursday, please review the following two websites thoroughly:

UC Berkeley Library, Evaluating Web Pages:  Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask

Florida Gulf Coast University, Quick guide to evaluating websites.

Cornell University Libraries, Critically analyzing information sources.

Your blogging assignment is one research journal blog post. Write one 100-word post in response to this prompt:

Do a search on your research topic in at least one internet search engine and one library database. What words or phrases did you use to search? What are the similarities and differences between the results of your two searches?

~Prof. L.
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