optiminize web search

What this article clearly emphasis is, if you want your brand to be successful onlineĀ as well asĀ offline in a local or international market, you need to a optimize the search resultsĀ generatedĀ by search engines.Ā You have to take into account whether or not your brand is a house hold name, if not you may have to not only invest more financiallyĀ in offline marketing, but in paid per click campaign onlineĀ as well. Also you must consider that not all potential customers search the same way, so all variation of you brand name including misspellings and phrase should be included in the optimizingĀ criteria. In regards to the example that the author with Dolce and Gabbana we can see how not only which search engine you use, but also what language the search is done in can skew the result in or against your favor.

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