Agostini:Search Engine Optimization and International Branding

In this article Agostini talks about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for online branding. He gave us little information about how a search engine works, and why we get traffic of information about related to your search. Most websites receive organic traffic from search engines through two types of keywords: generic category keywords and branded keywords. Generic keywords could be green color t-shirt, sun glasses for men, tweed jackets and so on. Branded keywords on the other hand would include any brand name such as Dolice & gabbana that you might type in search engine. You will get many different results if you misspelled the brand name etc. According to this article, if you are the owner the brand you should choose a name of your brand with a maximum of two words without stop words and special characters such as accents and dashes to avoid this issue. Important brands should apply SEO methods to their sites in order to protect brand value across local search engines.

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