Sesrch engine optimization

Companies must utilize search engine optimization in order to ensure brand recognition. As Liddy and Badke both explained search engines use a variety of features to retrieve user information. Term frequencies, term location, date of publication can all be drawn upon in a specific engines algorithm but, the accuracy of the results depends on the users initial search. Computers only respond to what they are told to search for, they cannot think for themselves. Companies must keep this in mind when they are branding themselves. A difficult name with special characters or stop words may be lost in translation when a consumers attempts to search for this online. When naming a company or product business owners must keep the digital age consumer in mind in order to remain prevalent in their field.

Jessica Bilikiewicz

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2 Responses to Sesrch engine optimization

  1. Chito2500 says:

    I agree 100%. Computers are not that specific when it comes to searching online. Type in any keyword and it will display at least hundreds or even thousands of different meanings of that keyword. This is why companies need to ensure that their information is correct and legitimate. Their aim is to also grant access to consumers who would buy their products and be reliable at the same time. If even one letter is either added or removed, the search engines will give you completely different results.

  2. carlos_amaro says:

    I agree with the idea that companies should take into account the limitation of algorithmic search engines when creating an official name for a product or brand. They should try to make whatever name they choose simplistic but original. It should be something that is easily identifiable as a keyword when typed into a search engine, yet something that is unique enough to avoid being drowned out by a myriad unrelated search results. This would inevitably save the company and prospective customers time and money. In contrast, I also believe that the corporate operators of the search engines should make a vigorous effort to improve the comprehensive capabilities of their search engine algorithms, for this would lead to more efficient and profitable economic transactions for all parties involved.

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