Access to knowledge

No one really knew the main purpose of the action taken by Aaron Swartz by donwloading four millions of articles from JSTOR. And because of that, the prosecutor think of him as a criminal. But for me, it is just a way to access knowledge. Aaron has proven that the internet is a very powerful tool to use in order to gain knowledge. Unfortunately, powerful organizations and  Copyrights limit the amount of knowledge given on the internet. In my opinion, I believe it is fair that big organizations restrict some informations such as information about military weapons or nuclear weapons. In other words, any information that could cause a threat or danger to society  should be limited to public viewer in the internet. But now, those organization abuse their power on society (like the case of Aaron) just to get a profit out of them. In conclusion, I agree to the fact that some information should be hidden to the public for their own safety, but at the same time , should not take too much control of it.

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