Blog post for 2/28

As I read the article on “the plagiarists tale” I realized a lot of similarities in this and with the movie we watched last week. This artist which in this case is an author is taking aspects of popular books and putting them together to create a new book not much unlike girl talk who took popular songs and edited it to make it sound different but still the same song or even to combine it with another song that had a similar sound to it. I feel this is not complete plagiarism but a new spin on old work.  It’s kind of like recycling art back into the world and re introducing it but with a little extra flare.  Another thing I noticed is that only the big companies are the ones who are angry both families for girl talk and Q.R Markham were concerned rather than angry about this. and the public are usually on the side of the author and or artist because they have created something truly marvelous from something that could be considered classic.

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