Summaries of the Plagiarism readings

Plagiarism: a Lie of the Mind by Maurice Isserman

Isserman introduces the article about Hamilton College President Eugene Tobin’s resignation. He┬ástates that plagiarism was the cause. Isserman said Tobin was right for leaving ofice, and the way he left office.

Isserman says “Plagiarism was seen as a trangression against our common intellectual values, carrying justifiably bad consequences for those guilty of the practice”. Plagiarism is never okay to do. A question is asked: “Where do we draw the line between fair and fraudulent uses of other’s words and ideas?” Isserman suggests there is a gray area of plagiarism that was not deliberate. Isserman makes an honest point that makes practical┬ásense, ” It’s not pretty, but it’s mine.”

A Plagiarist’s Tale by Widdicombe

Widdicombe first mentions “Assassin of Secrets”, by author Q.R.┬áMarkham. He makes it seems like “Assassin of Secrets” is a great spy novel, crafted from pure imagination, creativity and originality. The problem is, Markham plagiarized in the novel. Edward Champion says he found at least one instance of plagiarism on thirty-five pages, alone. It is later discovered that Quentin Rowan (birth name) has been plagiarizing┬áfor at least a decade. His blogs even include plagiarism. Markham is a plagiarism addict. It’s his habit he seems to struggle with, as far as ending it┬áfor good. Markham is an example of a spy whose secret has been exposed, with his life on the line.

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  1. Ling says:

    Questions for plagiarism: 1. If majority of essay is base on quoting, does it consider plagiarism?
    2. Why plagiarism does have more serious consequences compare to cheating?
    3. Are common sentences or basic words considering plagiarism? For example, “how are you?” is appear in many books, is that considering plagiarism if we use it?
    4. How does freedom of speech conflict with plagiarism?

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