Plagiarism: a Lie of the Mind

This article made me re-evaluate the way I looked at plagiarism. I believed that those who committed this transgression were simply lazy, unethical or unimaginative people. To use another person words and thoughts without contributing your own ideas makes you a intellectual leech. I still have those core feeling about intentional plagiarism, however I’ve come to the realization that I myself am guilty of unintentional. As  Maurice Isserman pointed out most cliche have an origin so when we use them its a form of plagiarism.

I think whats most important about this Mr. Isserman view about the subject is that using other people’s words and ideas is it OK if it isn’t memorized and use verbatim. We can use it to further our OWN WORD and help advance our ideas. This is essential because we should learn from our pass, as did the people we plagiarizing did from there predecessors.

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