Copyright and creative process

As Grey explored, the copyright was created to protect the author of a particular piece of work just long enough for them to them to turn a profit. This work was then to be entered into the public domain where a new generation could recreate it with the updated cultural references of their time. As Lessig explains, our creative culture is being stifled by the omnipresent copyright laws. They are continually getting longer and longer to not only protect the actual creator but to also provide profits to whatever larger corporation owns the work. Any attempt to recreate this work (fair use included) can be taken to court with the possibility of a heavy punishment. While the younger generation should be encouraged to recreate the classics in order to meet the standards of a new age they are instead limited and chastised for doing so. It will be important to consider how much further these laws can go; to what depth future generations will be affected and to how this could effect furture creative pieces.

Jessica Bilikiewicz

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