Laws that choke creativity

I like how Lessig says at the end that the new generation (our kids) “lives life against the law” that “ordinary people live life against the law”. It makes me question how many unlawful things we are doing without even realizing it because of our lack of knowledge and carelessness of the laws behind our actions. Technology has advanced so fast in the last 10 years, that it is difficult to predict where it is going, and thus what will result from it. We cant make laws without knowing what these laws are for. In other words, we cant criminalize something without knowing why it is unlawful. This is the case for copy right law, they made short attempts to stop the “commercial” use of their content, which was ok back then. But now, we have shifted, transferred and renewed, what we are able to do with the content because of our creativity. Once its on the web, it is no longer yours, there are certain things that you cant control.

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