Media and publications in the digital age

Technology and media are constantly crossing paths, for better or for worse they are involved in the evolution and renewing emergence of one another. While media companies have have not been keen on investing largely in technologies, blogging and other online forums are an inexpensive alternative option to traditional printing. The digital age has also allowed readers to connect through written works. Consumers of literature no longer have to wait for the new edition to be printed for further information to be revealed. Editing can be completed and shared in real time which allows readers to interact and explore the text as a community rather then a individual. This fosters an environment for discussion and growth that is not easily obtained from a hard copy.

While these advantages are significant it is also important to be weary of fraud, inaccuracies, and manipulation that could arise from the instant gratification of the digital age. While readers have a greater opportunity to become a community they must also be vigilant in their fact checking and utilization of active reading skills. With an expanding pool of information comes an expanding role of responsibility to ensure that accurate information is being produced and absorbed.

Jessica Bilikiewicz

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