Joseph Larsen’s Blog post 2/5/13

Craig Mod’s article on Books and publishing was a good insight to where books and publishing came from and where it is now. Now that we have more unity and the internet the possibility for online books that can be worked on by many different people is now around us. While it is hard because people have different writing styles I feel it can allow us to get a view of many people’s different perspectives of a topic without having to read another book. And it is hard for me to think of what the future of books could be sometimes I feel like things can’t get any better than what we have currently.

In Pavlik’s article I agree with the starting paragraph describing peoples thoughts on new technology its either they love it or there unsure about it you never know how a new invention is going to work until you try it though. As I read I notice it’s like he is taking you though time showing you all of the innovation of news and writing technology from pictures to video I wondered if anything had gone differently what would the world be like now. But after reading this article I will definitely do more research into new technology before I fully trust it because there are always issues with new ideas.

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