Blog 2 Media in the Digital Age Pavlik, Craig Mod

The way current events become available to the public has changed over the centuries. Pavlik has made me realize newspapers didn’t always have pictures to go with the articles. The first “camera” known to the U.S was when Samuel F.B Morse traveled to France in 1839 and saw the daguerreotype. The daguerreotype was an early form of photography invented by a French artist and chemist Louis J.M Daguerre and his collaborator Joseph Nicephore Niepce. This in essence was the beginning of the digital age. From this the media became more interested in spreading the news on a broader scale. Most of the new I gather today comes from the internet, and from television. On occasion I read a newspaper, but rarely. The change from print to digital has been a very slow process. According to Pavlik, this change could have progressed more rapidly if the media corporations were less afraid of the risks of spending money on the development of new technologies. I wonder what can be the next big step in media technology.

Craig Mod also makes a valid point. This change from print to digital makes everything more accessible. Thus making it easier for thought to be shared on various pieces of reading, whether its news, a novel, or even the article he wrote. His article being online has made it easier for us as a class to experience it at the same time, less the labor of printing it out for the class.

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