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wikipedia questions

  1. How much can you repeat  a topic on a Wikipedia  page?
  2. Is there a limit  to the amount of sources to a topic?
  3. Do Individual people normally  make new pages  or groups of people?
  4. How much can our page repeat  or share information  with the NYCHA page?
  5. How many sources  are required  to start a page?

site report and 5 questions


1. Redefine your topic as narrowly as possible.

i am looking into the transportation systems that were around the Farragut houses between 1951 till now, as well as possibly looking even farther back.

2. What have you learned about the topic? Be sure you can document & cite sources.

i have been able to find that trolleys and the ferry were a big method of transportation in the past and have been replaced with buses, subways and the bridge.

3. What do you want to say about the topic?

this topic is not mentioned too much on maps or when visiting places but i see this as an important topic because this is something every one uses rich or poor people need to get to places and this is how.

4. What do you still need to do/know/research to accomplish #3?


i still need to find another source to have a full 5  sources for the project

5. What is your game plan?

i plan to make use of the maps that we have seen as well as the book that i found while looking in the school library to find out as much as possible about my topic and any things i think are missing i will hopefully find in the schools library database.

pre site visit and reflection class meeting on the 19th

I have only been to the new York public library  once before, I am hoping  to find at least  4 maps that have information  about the transportation  systems used near our site from the 1960s untill today. I hope to be able to use as much information  I can get from the map room as I can to help complete  our site reports.

On Monday ¬†the 19th we visited the architecture class that is working on our site and we we’re able to see and hear how they would have done changes if possible, I was truly ¬†impressed ¬†by all the ways they thought of to improve ¬†the safety ¬†or the area and get more people to live there and enjoy ¬†being there, all the groups had great ¬†ideas but most of them we’re similar ¬†to the others so none of them really ¬†stood out but they we’re all very interesting.