pre site visit and reflection class meeting on the 19th

I have only been to the new York public library  once before, I am hoping  to find at least  4 maps that have information  about the transportation  systems used near our site from the 1960s untill today. I hope to be able to use as much information  I can get from the map room as I can to help complete  our site reports.

On Monday ┬áthe 19th we visited the architecture class that is working on our site and we we’re able to see and hear how they would have done changes if possible, I was truly ┬áimpressed ┬áby all the ways they thought of to improve ┬áthe safety ┬áor the area and get more people to live there and enjoy ┬ábeing there, all the groups had great ┬áideas but most of them we’re similar ┬áto the others so none of them really ┬ástood out but they we’re all very interesting.

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