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Site reports #3 and #4

Site reports for our class visit to the NYPL map collection are due on Wednesday, October 28, and site reports for our class visit to the Brooklyn Collection of the Brooklyn Public Library are due on Wednesday, November 4, posted to the OpenLab course site by the start of class. Use the same site report template as you’ve been using.

Both the NYPL map room and the Brooklyn Collection are open to the public; check the hours in advance if you plan to visit again to conduct research on your own or with your group.

BPL Previsit refection

I’ve never been to the Brooklyn public library though I have been n the area before. The grand army plaza is a huge courtyard like area with a arch. But I don’t remember what the building looked like. I would like to go see this library to see it at least once.

Darya | Pre-Site Visit Reflection | Brooklyn Public Library

As a main div. of Libraries of Brooklyn which is exactly that neighborhood that we are interested in I’m expecting more deep sources about site that we are observing. It would of be pretty hard to find deeper information about Brooklyn in Manhattan but I think it will be easier in Brooklyn division. I’m guessing the most information will be in the books. I hope they have some collection of the old pictures that we can look at for our research.

I want to find more information about currently state of the Farragut Houses as well as time right before renewal.

BPL pre-visit

i have been to the Brooklyn Public library on grand army plaza before. the motives of me going there  is that they are the only library that opens on Sunday. i went in there, it is a huge building with several floors and rooms for learning. i know what to expect but as far as this project, i am ready to be amazed, and find out new things.