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BPL pre-visit

i have been to the Brooklyn Public library on grand army plaza before. the motives of me going there  is that they are the only library that opens on Sunday. i went in there, it is a huge building with several floors and rooms for learning. i know what to expect but as far as this project, i am ready to be amazed, and find out new things.

NYPL site post reflection

I always walk on 5th avenue and i never tried to take a peek at this amazing library. I always thought it was a tourist site or museum. although it may appear to a lot of people as a museum because of the historic setting  and architecture up front. it is located Bryant park, i always stop by Bryant because they always have numerous shows out in the park and it is a great site i you want to sit down and watch the busy street of midtown , which is 5th ave and 42nd street. On Wednesday , i was amazed by this amazing library, as i walked in it was just an raised eyebrow moment, because i was amazed by just the crowd of people that was in the building, but the historic setting in there. Their map room was great , they have every single map in the world, located in this huge room, witch an incredible ceiling, they have globes all around and book shelves with maps of continents, islands, countries and old NY maps, and Brooklyn maps.that was amazing. i found a lot of New things about my site in Vinegar hill. my focus was not related to the maps but its good to know the history, the past and understand certain reasons they made certain decisions back in the day and i found that very amazing.


Wikipedia  “completely chaotic mode; content can be sustained. Wikipedia is only growing worldwide over the years, translated in many languages. From 2001 to 2015, i think if Wikipedia survived this long in the internet, it can survive it all because nothing really last this long without any bad feedback that can be led to deleting the site. there is a community hired for Wikipedia just to edit information and only certain people in this site can edit politician or celebrity entries. the new trend for Wikipedia that is going even longer in the future is the access from mobile devices because, one of the new trends is cell phones and tablets, and that is the key elements why it is going to stay alive.