Yes I have confidence that the model of Wikipedia content can be sustained in the future. It’s too important and popular of a site. Culture and the way people access information are constantly changing. As said in the article Wikipedia has come a long way since 2001. It has changed over the years just like the Internet. When asked could the pressure from mobile devices tear Wikipedia apart, I say no, I believe Wikipedia needs to over come complex mobile codes. I also believe that hiring new and young editors would help it survive “The difficulty of bringing on new volunteers has resulted in seven straight years of declining editor participation” as stated in the article, so why not let new editors in? I feel that Wikipedia has to go back to the root of the website when they allowed more editors and volunteers. This will help Wikipedia substantially. The fact they’re diverse and anyone can edit an article theatrically, Is what makes them special but at the same Wikipedia needs evolve and change with technology.

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