Week 11 Notes

Hello class,


Course Hub– Lessons 20-22
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Textbook– Lectures


Prep for Next Class (Please look at them and prepare questions for the next class).

Course Hub– Lessons 22-24
Video Links– Lessons 22-24
Textbook– Lectures

I’m going to try something new for this class. EXTRA CREDIT
Please answer the question as you did in the Trig Applications homework section before 5:00pm Friday. I will not care about how you solve them. (A bonus for somehow “brute forcing” your way through with the knowledge of trig we have just acquired). We will be using your work to hopefully explore our way through the next topic.

  • You can write on the Classkick, although it would be easier with a tablet and a stylus.
  • You could also write the work in your notebook, take an image of your work and paste it below the problem.
  • I will ask you to present your solutions in class.

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