Week 8 Notes/ Test 2 Prep

Hello class,


Course Hub– Lessons 16-18
Video Links– Lessons 16-18
Textbook– Lectures 13-14


  • Associated WeBWorK on Rederly Assignments
  • Test 2 Prep on Rederly. (DO AT LEAST ONE.)
    • Review (just like how the previous test worked)
    • Sample Test 2. (One attempt every 24 hours. 13 questions, 100 minutes)
  • MODULE 7 changed. Complete Parabola and Circle Labs on Rederly.
  • I am only going to accept a single, multi-page PDF file for each assignment submission.

Prep for Next Class (Please look at them and prepare questions for the next class).

Note: No class on 4/2.

Test 2 at the beginning of class on April 9th.

Course Hub– Lessons
Video Links– Lessons
Textbook– Lectures

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