To help you get the most out of this site, here are two resource guides, one for faculty and the other for students.

How you might use this page (Faculty)

How you might use this page (Students)

The goal of this project is to collect content that will be useful for mastering the material of MAT 1275, Algebra and Trigonometry.

In the menu above are drop down menus — select the topic in which you’re interested, then find the most relevant topic or topics in the drop down menu.  Be sure you’re logged into Khan Academy if your professor is using the videos as part of your course.

To get the most out of watching the videos, it is critical that you be engaged — optimally with a pencil and a paper, working out the examples yourself, pausing the videos frequently.  Practice using good notation — the kind of notation you will want to use to communicate your ideas clearly (for example on an exam or in a project).

Happy learning!