Week 12 Notes/ Test 3 Info

Hello class,


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Textbook– Lectures


Your classmates have been asking for how to solve the balloon question on Trig Applications. A solution can be found here.

Prep for Next Class (Please look at them and prepare questions for the next class).

Test 3

  • The third test is at 6:00pm to 7:30pm on Friday 5/7/2021.
  • All work is your own. No collaboration.
  • I hope you’ve been keeping up to date on Rederly and taking full advantage of the Test 3 reviews.
  • Be sure to practice creating PDF files of all your work. I will not accept work in improper format.
  • If you are going to show submit your work in Rederly
    • One photo per question.
    • Show photo ID on first page.
  • Submit to this DROPBOX FOLDER
    • Any submission after 8:00pm results in -20 on your final score.
  • Online programs like MathWay, Photomath, etc. are banned. (Automatic 0 + Faculty Action Report on your Academic Record if I recognize usage of the program.).

10% Rederly submission.

  • Go on Topics -> Test #3.
  • Be sure to write all solutions and SHOW ALL WORK on separate sheets of paper.
  • *DO NOT SUBMIT unless you’ve answered ALL QUESTIONS!*
  • Rederly questions last 90 minutes and will instantly cut off at 7:30pm on the 7th.

Oral Defense (Up to 30% of your test score)

  • Until 5/14(right before class, though I might be willing to interview someone after.)
  • Sign up here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12E6X0vOua6cI6Yo6zqCKk2SA4QxU5dBk1MP4WoZ_wwE/edit?usp=sharing
    • Timeslots in blue and green represent other Zoom locations I will be in.
  • Be prepared to discuss three questions from the test. The quality of your answers will determine the remaining portion of your grade.
  • If you do not interview, you will lose the points you could have had.
    • e.g. If you scored 100 average on the written and WeBWorK portion of the test, then you will receive only 70% as a grade without the interview since the WeBWorK and the Written Work for the test count as 70% of the overall test.

Yes, we will have a short class after the exam.

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