Final Exam Rules

Final Exam (You must score at least a 60 to pass the course)

  • The third test is at 8:00pm on Friday 5/21/2021 to 7:59 pm 5/23/2021
  • All work is your own. No collaboration.
  • Possibility of 2 attempts
    • You must start the exam within the first 24 hours of the exam opening in order to receive a second attempt 24 hours later.
    • If your first attempt is within the second 24 hours of the exam opening, you will NOT be granted a second opportunity to take the test.
      • If your first attempt is after 8:00 pm on 5/22, you will not be granted a second test attempt.
    • You may begin a test attempt at 7:59pm on 5/23 at latest without a hard cutoff.
  • I hope you’ve been keeping up to date on Rederly and taking full advantage of the Sample Final Exams.
  • Be sure to practice creating PDF files of all your work. I will not accept work in improper format.
  • If you are going to show submit your work in Rederly
    • One photo per question.
    • Show photo ID on first page.
  • Submit to this DROPBOX REQUEST LINK
    • You must submit work for ALL tests, at most 30 minutes after you’ve taken them. Rederly keeps timestamps of your attempts. and I can see when you’ve tried to submit your work.
    • Late work is -20 on the final exam grade.
  • Online programs like MathWay, Photomath, etc. are banned. (Automatic 0 + Faculty Action Report on your Academic Record if I recognize usage of the program).
    • At best, I will allow you to use Desmos online calculator, but you still need to show ALL written work.
    • With you needing at least a 60, now would not be a good time to attempt it.

10% Rederly submission.

  • Go on Topics -> Final Exam.
  • Be sure to write all solutions and SHOW ALL WORK on separate sheets of paper. You will lose points on your written work for not having answers on your paper. The Math Department grades this exam after I do.
  • *DO NOT SUBMIT unless you’ve answered ALL QUESTIONS!*
  • Rederly questions last 120 minutes.

Oral Defense (Up to 30% of your test score)

  • Until 5/27. Students need to sign up for math classes during the summer session beginning May 28. If you do not interview by May 28, then “whatever happens happens”, there will be NO EXTENSIONS.
  • Sign up here
    • Timeslots in blue and green represent other Zoom locations I will be in.
  • Be prepared to discuss three questions from the test. The quality of your answers will determine the remaining portion of your grade.
  • If you do not interview, you will lose the points you could have had.
    • e.g. If you scored 100 average on the written and WeBWorK portion of the test, then you will receive only 70% as a grade without the interview since the WeBWorK and the Written Work for the test count as 70% of the overall test.
    • e.g. If you averaged a 70 on the written and WeBWorK portion of the test, you will then only receive a 49% as a grade.

Yes, we will have a short class review before the exam at 6pm, though I will be in the classroom at 5pm . Be prepared with questions from the review.

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