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2nd OpenLab Assignment

During these trying times, it would be ideal for us to be able to be back on campus as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and one of the issues that have arisen in school is how to submit your work to your instructors.

CUNY has done a lot for you. There are a lot of places willing to give you discounts on food or consumer goods just because you are a CUNY student. It has granted you free access to the entire Microsoft Office 365 Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) and McAfee Antivirus software with your City Tech email address. As awesome as all of that is, you are allowed a free DropBox account just for being a CUNY student also. Your login information is what you use to log into CUNYFirst. (If you cannot login to CUNYFirst, please email the Student Helpdesk.

DropBox is cloud file storage, and you will be receiving your graded tests from me in a DropBox folder that I have shared with you specifically. The DropBox app can be saved on your phone and you can use DropBox to scan documents and save them as a multi-page PDF. CUNY will not accept any other file type.

Speaking of multi-page pdf files, your assignment is to submit a multi-page PDF into the DropBox folder I am sharing with you. It helps to have the DropBox app on your phone because you can create a multi-page PDF using said app. Here is a video of Professor Kan using the DropBox app to submit files.

  1. Draw a smiley face on page 1.
  2. Attach your student ID to the top of page 1, but do not obscure said smiley face.
  3. Scan the Document using DropBox or another scanner app.
  4. Scan another page with some notes and scan that as page 2.
  5. Compile the two images into one pdf file with lastnamefirstnameassignment3.pdf as the name of the file.
  6. Submit it into the DropBox folder I share with you by Friday, February 5th, before class.
  7. Also, submit the same file to this dropbox request link.

Remember to submit it into TWO different locations- the request link and the folder I share with you . I want to know that you all have access to your DropBox accounts and I want to know that you can send a file to me.

It is City Tech’s policy that your examinations require that you have photo ID on all your examinations. I will extend that policy to all your assignments that are to be submitted to me.

-Professor Lee