Carmen Diaz Hw Oct 28th

Marshell Mc Cluhan doesn’t regret the idea of technology but he isn’t against it either. In fact, he comes up with his own definition of what Technology really has done to our world around us. He goes into the idea that “media” is the new way of getting a message across. He describes how we have all kinds of media to help us get a message across to others. He talks about how its an extension of ourselves Its anything that extends the 5 senses and body. for instance, the wheel is an extension of the foot, or how the book itself is an extension of the eye. He even goes as for as to state that weapons are even a means of media. This theory relates a lot to what we have in today’s society because it contributes to the idea of even smartphones how they are a form of media and how we are being pulled to pay and be on our phones all day but it’s just an extension of our hands and thoughts.

I want to say that I disagree with the idea of a book being something that is not needed anymore. Book to me will always remain something that I could go back to. Tv has actually not been something that I fall back on. If anything I don’t like to watch Tv. It’s like when someone asks you what was better the book or the movie? I always feel compelled to say that the movie has no match to a book and how books make you feel. I have always been someone to disapprove of technology. In my opinion, I feel as though technology has been making our generation, not at all smarter but dumber! we have such a short attention span and our bodies are all becoming unhealthy due to all these forms of media that are supposedly trying to make our lives easier. But are they really?

Assignment for November 4

Our next reading assignment is a 1969 article by Arnold M. Barban entitled The Dilemma of “Integrated” Advertising.

Here is a PDF: Barban_DilemmaOfIntegratedAdvertising

This article is something of a technical paper, written for ad executives and media strategists. You will notice that the language is, to say the least, out-of-date. While reading this we might ask ourselves what roles language and tone play in effectively addressing an audience. We might also consider the ways biases effect different aspects of advertising.

Your post for this reading will be structured a little differently. Instead of writing 3-4 paragraphs, please identify and document 3-4 instances in recent magazines, posters, billboards, etc. where advertisers appear to use race, ethnicity, gender or cultural identity to  shape their messages.

Post snapshots or rough scans of your selected ads to OpenLab with short captions describing the image and the source from which the image was found. If you’re looking in a magazine, tear out the pages and keep them in your journal.

Note that identity and race can be used in a seemingly positive, embracing way, or in a cynical, pandering manner. Or it can be difficult to tell. Please attempt to discern the motives of the ads in question.

Please also use ads that you encounter throughout the week. Do not use historical examples, or campaigns discussed in other classes.

October 28 Javion Bailey

Media extends humanity by making information more widely available. In this day and age almost anyone can access new information via online. People can send a message, and within only a couple of seconds a great number of people are able to receive it.  The electric light, as explained by McLuhan, has no “content”. This means that the light itself is not worth paying attention to it is just something used to illuminate the actual message. Because of the electric light we are able to communicate through it. Whether it be entertainment or advertising etc. We use that medium as the message. 

Technological advancements bring about the sharing of too much information sometimes. Since electricity and access to the internet is widely available anyone can put something up and it can be ready millions upon billions of people. In McLuhan’s The Extension of Man he quotes Napoleon, “Three hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” Meaning that just the information on a newspaper can be more frightening than a weapon designed to kill. McLuhan says that Napoleon would listen to other media, such as the telegraph. Because of this he was able to gain an advantage of his enemies. 

 Artists and designers can take more notice of how they release their artworks or what mediums they use to bring about their message. Whether it be online, through newspapers, articles or tabloids etc., or whatever the audience uses to consume media, this could have an effect on the consumer. New techniques and ideas could bring about the change of certain media or medium.

October 28 (Avion Bailey)

When reading “The Medium of the Message” by Marshall McCulhan, I found the paragraphs about General Sarnoff confusing. General Sarnoff States ““We are too prone to maket technologicalinstruments the scapegoats for the sins of those who wield them. The productsof modern science are not in themselves good or bad; it is the way they areused that determines their value.” This is statement is something, I believe, most people can agree with. A Lot of the blame for our modern misfortunes is placed upon the instruments we use instead of the ones using them. Though, Mr. McCulhan does not completely agree with this statement. He argues that General Sarnoff’s statement ” ignores the nature of the medium, of any and all media”.

What is the nature of the medium? Is the nature of the medium entirely separate from our control? Is it something we entirely ignore when considering a decision made? These kinds of questions came to my mind, because he does not elaborate on the conversation. Personally, this small excerpt felt out of place, not unnecessary, but not cohesive to the topic at hand. He ended the paragraph by saying. “It has never occurred to General Sarnoff that any technology could do anything but add itself on to what we already are.” In which I interpreted that they’re on the same page. As technology continues to grow and evolve our true nature does not change. Which is why we should be responsible for how we impose our will on technological advancements.

Obed Ledezma – October 28th

Media extends human beings and humanity in general by allowing us to connect with each other through social networks even though we are miles away. When were across the world it makes it easy for us to connect within seconds. In the understanding of McLuhan and how technology along with media has become the “extensions of man,” it revolves around being innovative. In the reading, McLuhan quotes Shakespeare stating “Shakespeare states his awareness that true social and political navigation depends upon anticipating the consequences of innovation. How a lot of the times the innovation is the message within that product that will change and impact humanity.

Some Hazardous technological progress that brings individuals and society in the “electrical age” or within the current age are guns. Guns have been around for a while and for many centuries have caused nothing but violence. Guns have no other form of usage but to kill or cause harm. Guns have had a strong impact on our society. Within the reading and In accepting an honorary degree from the University of Notre Dame a few years ago, General David Sarnoff made this statement: “We are too prone to make technological instruments the scapegoats for the sins of those who wield them. The products of modern science are not in themselves good or bad; it is the way they are used that determines their value.” This statement caused controversy because people couldn’t see a way around it. Guns are made to kill and there’s nothing else we could really do with them. That is like saying “Apple pie is in itself neither good nor bad; it is the way it is used that determines its value.” Or, “The smallpox virus is in itself neither good nor bad; it is the way it is used that determines its value.”

If “the medium is the message” a role that artists and designers can play in terms of creating ideas is the way they send out their messages within their objectives. I think it is important to have an objective when it comes to design and whatever form of creation. An objective determines the way your message plays out and how your audience will receive it. In many instances, its been the content and the idea behind the medium of art but still lacks in other forms like what is the meaning behind a house or something like a chair. In the passage, McLuhan speaks on how in the electric age a lot of the message intertwines and follows the lines of force in the field of numbers.

Dennis Ulloa October 28

The article “In understanding Media” by Marshall McLuhan talks about how people think. For example, it states, “The increasing awareness of the action of media, quite independently of their “content” or programming, was indicated in the annoyed and anonymous stanza…” This is describing that whatever content it has affects how people think both for one person or many. As a result, now people watch the news to see what is going on the world and cause them to think depending what the media shows and with that a lot of people will think alike. Marshall saying whatever we see the mind will process and cause people to change their perspective and many more will follow.

Technology is something that keeps on advancing over time but is it a good thing or bad thing for society. In the article it says “ The new media and technologies by which we amplify and extend ourselves constitute huge collective surgery carried out the social body with complete disregard for antiseptics. “When reading it did talk about a lot of the brain and how it is the main issue related to the technology somehow. Not only that, reading some paragraphs I think that the focus maybe is the future how people worried or what to expect if the technology was going to advance or something. Overall, maybe that’s the issue people are worried about because no one knows what going to happen and just think what might come of technology.

If the idea of “the medium is the message” is already in used by the art word. For example, some designers already used political ideas in the work like war propaganda by having the designer who is strong or who the threat is. Not only that this technique is to get in the people head to think about the world and what they can do. Which is true because it cause people to think and sometimes art can rally people to stand together. Also, the message can be good or it can be terrible but because of this it cause to manipulate the minds like it is easy to control.

Rana_Abdelnaby_October 28

McLuhan described that technology; along with media are a form of human extension. In this way, technology acts as an added advantage to the human revolution by easing their activities . Instead of sending letters to communicate with a distant person, a person can use social media such as Facebook or Twitter. For instance, a car is an extension of afoot. Also, the media improves human life as it can be construed as a product of both place and time. Similarly, McLuhan indicates that television is a cool medium since it can project light to the viewers and deliver a message that is full of data and relevant to increase knowledge of human beings. Also, the electric light is purely information and takes the realm of a medium without a message but provides lighting during the night.

On the contrary, technological progress might have a hazard impact for individuals and society as well in the electronic age. As technology advances, people lose consciousness and act without reaction as the message they receive impacts their reasoning and do not understand the dangers associated with their actions. It implies that media binds individual psychic and social effects defining the real significance of the medium

Furthermore, in “the medium is the message,” the artist and designers can be a sublimation of change in society. Therefore, the designers and artists can recognize the essence of the new media and utilize it to show the community the future. Hence, the artist is reliable in changing the movement of art from traditional ones such as painting to use of software to design a building, roads, and other infrastructure.






Jeremy Eisner October 21st

According to these designers, the majority of good design seems to be based upon a formula that is created through the use of mathematics and numerical values. Gerstner talks about have every design has a mental checklist that we may or may not consciously make that creates the structure behind it. He then goes on to say that he uses his own version of a grid in his designs that are created through a seemingly complex group of equations. He claims that if you understand the grid presented by him, that you only make the most effective ads you could possibly make. Brockman agrees with Gerstner in that grids are extremely important when making any good design. He believes that grids define all the major and complex features in the design while keeping it clean and organized.
Now in a sense, Tschichold feels differently in that he thinks design should be much more asymmetrical and far more creative than a more simpler design. However, his designs may not be symmetrical, but they are still structured with the help of his own grid system. Overall, a good design to these designers is all about the underlying structure that creates a clean and cut design through math and detailed measurements.

Assignment for October 28

Our next reading will be a couple excerpts from Marshall McLuhan’s influential 1964 book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man.

We’ll read the Introduction, Chapter 1 and Chapter 7, all of which are included in the attached PDF: McLuhan_UnderstandingMedia_exc

Please consider the following questions, then as per our usual posts write 3-4 paragraphs considering related ideas:
In Understanding Media, Marshall McLuhan describes technology and media as “extensions of man.” How do media extend human beings, or humanity in general? What hazards might technological progress bring for individuals and society in the “electric age” or in the current age? If “the medium is the message,” what role can artists and designers play in creating new ideas?

Extra Credit Option:
Instead of this text, you may read Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore’s experimental book, The Medium is the Massage. You must obtain a hard copy of this book, as the layout is a critical piece of the text. If you choose to read this option, please consider and answer the same set of questions.