Jeremy Eisner October 21st

According to these designers, the majority of good design seems to be based upon a formula that is created through the use of mathematics and numerical values. Gerstner talks about have every design has a mental checklist that we may or may not consciously make that creates the structure behind it. He then goes on to say that he uses his own version of a grid in his designs that are created through a seemingly complex group of equations. He claims that if you understand the grid presented by him, that you only make the most effective ads you could possibly make. Brockman agrees with Gerstner in that grids are extremely important when making any good design. He believes that grids define all the major and complex features in the design while keeping it clean and organized.
Now in a sense, Tschichold feels differently in that he thinks design should be much more asymmetrical and far more creative than a more simpler design. However, his designs may not be symmetrical, but they are still structured with the help of his own grid system. Overall, a good design to these designers is all about the underlying structure that creates a clean and cut design through math and detailed measurements.

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