Carmen Diaz Hw Oct 28th

Marshell Mc Cluhan doesn’t regret the idea of technology but he isn’t against it either. In fact, he comes up with his own definition of what Technology really has done to our world around us. He goes into the idea that “media” is the new way of getting a message across. He describes how we have all kinds of media to help us get a message across to others. He talks about how its an extension of ourselves Its anything that extends the 5 senses and body. for instance, the wheel is an extension of the foot, or how the book itself is an extension of the eye. He even goes as for as to state that weapons are even a means of media. This theory relates a lot to what we have in today’s society because it contributes to the idea of even smartphones how they are a form of media and how we are being pulled to pay and be on our phones all day but it’s just an extension of our hands and thoughts.

I want to say that I disagree with the idea of a book being something that is not needed anymore. Book to me will always remain something that I could go back to. Tv has actually not been something that I fall back on. If anything I don’t like to watch Tv. It’s like when someone asks you what was better the book or the movie? I always feel compelled to say that the movie has no match to a book and how books make you feel. I have always been someone to disapprove of technology. In my opinion, I feel as though technology has been making our generation, not at all smarter but dumber! we have such a short attention span and our bodies are all becoming unhealthy due to all these forms of media that are supposedly trying to make our lives easier. But are they really?

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