Dennis Ulloa Final Bibliography




(Modern Language Assoc.)

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Beauty and the beast

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Dennis U. Nov 25

The article “The Underground Mainstream” by Steven Heller talks about how there are two sides one with mainstream and the underground. Mainstream mostly talks about advertisement but to do so the design need to top notch. However, with term underground to mean I believe is just working on a low profile but still doing a lot of design work. Even though they’re both different from each other it is relevant to contemporary design. For example for mainstream it stats in the article “Their collective goal was to raise the level of both manufacture and design while changing timeworn habits and antiquated expectations, yet their ideas became established.” When it comes to contemporary it is the style that doesn’t fell outdated so the quote theories that with mainstream it focus on change but keep the idea similar. Underground is kind of similar maybe because they do work but have their own goal to change mainstream or help. However, it does related to the design because each one wants to change but help still fell that the style isn’t outdated. With the idea of mainstream and underground I believe that my final project that talks about Disney Animation, well it have to be mainstream. The reason for that one of the articles it states “ Watching the old Disney shorts made me think about what people must have been going through during WWII.” Showing that back then their showing what’s going on in the world with the animation. Showing the pubic by using characters and story that goes on in the war. How it follows in the idea of underground idea maybe it was related to what goes on. For example, in the other article it say’s “ TOMY International announces the retail arrival of its line of toys inspired by the highly anticipated Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film Zootopia.” From what I read I think this influence from movies that help others created new ideas or figure. Another influence that was similar is in the article where it say’s “… The Incredibles. With this incredible new line of accessories, kids can protect and customize their Game Boy Advance SP handheld gaming system, game cartridges, or other gadgets.” Another influence by a movie, which changes the view of a company and creates something that was recently created. Maybe this has to do with how the article talks about the idea of underground but with mainstream I think it follows the meaning.


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Dennis U. November 4

Why i pick is to show how the destruction of the classroom look like. Not only that but to show that without schools how are kids supposed to learn. This photo helps to show that people need to do something and help with the cause to repair the school.

The second photo examples the lost of the family. This is sad because it shows the kid and the mom lost someone in the family. Also, in the photo has the father to show that’s all they have to remember of him.

This artwork is a more political because it takes about the climate change. Reading the magazine it gives detail how certain part of the world has been flood or harsh climate. However, the vote is also talking about even though there is an election it can’t change the problem. This is a statement to show that people need to aware what goes on in the world.

Dennis Ulloa October 28

The article “In understanding Media” by Marshall McLuhan talks about how people think. For example, it states, “The increasing awareness of the action of media, quite independently of their “content” or programming, was indicated in the annoyed and anonymous stanza…” This is describing that whatever content it has affects how people think both for one person or many. As a result, now people watch the news to see what is going on the world and cause them to think depending what the media shows and with that a lot of people will think alike. Marshall saying whatever we see the mind will process and cause people to change their perspective and many more will follow.

Technology is something that keeps on advancing over time but is it a good thing or bad thing for society. In the article it says “ The new media and technologies by which we amplify and extend ourselves constitute huge collective surgery carried out the social body with complete disregard for antiseptics. “When reading it did talk about a lot of the brain and how it is the main issue related to the technology somehow. Not only that, reading some paragraphs I think that the focus maybe is the future how people worried or what to expect if the technology was going to advance or something. Overall, maybe that’s the issue people are worried about because no one knows what going to happen and just think what might come of technology.

If the idea of “the medium is the message” is already in used by the art word. For example, some designers already used political ideas in the work like war propaganda by having the designer who is strong or who the threat is. Not only that this technique is to get in the people head to think about the world and what they can do. Which is true because it cause people to think and sometimes art can rally people to stand together. Also, the message can be good or it can be terrible but because of this it cause to manipulate the minds like it is easy to control.

Dennis U. October 21

From what read about Jan Tshichold and his idea about how to make a great design using typography. For example, in article it states “The function of printed text is communication, emphasis (word value), and the logical sequence of the contents.” I believe that what he trying to say that to express the idea it has to make sense so the people can understand what the idea is. After all, it has to give one message because if people think something else that means the message didn’t make sense and could cause issue. Not only that he talk about how that sometimes the old ideas need to replace with new ideas to make a better design. The reason why is that art is like this because if doesn’t follow today time it needs to change to follow. After all, Jan Tshicold idea of a good design that it needs to communicated with people and if doesn’t make a new design that actually help to communicate.

According to Karl Gerstner work and idea about programs that it has be done very organized. In the article it states that “But it is precisely in drawing up the scheme, in striving for perfection, that the work really lies.” From what I read he trying to say that similar to art and that to programing it needs to be organized. Not only that he talks about the box where it shows four ideas but it also tell the steps on how to make it work. With this it can help be organized with work that help to created a great design. Also, that he talks about comparing to a program and a grid that it can help to be organized but he also stated that something it could be difficult to process it together. Karl Gerstner idea of a good designs that to very organized and try something because sometimes it can help or be difficult but that is the process in making a great design.

Lastly Josef Muller-Brockmann also talks about grids but he goes more in depth how it can help created a good design. When he talks about the grid he stated, “… the designer’s work should have the clearly intelligible, objective, functional, and aesthetic quality of mathematical thinking.” He goes in depth saying that the grid should follow all this steps so the grid can help in making a great design. Not only that in the end of the article he gives out six ideas that how the system works but helps gives idea how it can help. Josef talks more of the grid but gives more detail how the grid will help make a great design.

Dennis Ulloa October 7

Back then artist didn’t use they’re full potential of bring creative artist. Bayer which focus mostly on typography complain that no was being creative for a long because people rather have it simple and not do anything about it. Not only that he found it boring that as artist people should do something about it but not a lot of people did which cause this idea simple for a long time. Another author named by Moholy-Nagy had a similar problem that people needs to be creative because he wants to grab people’s attention on creativities. He believes that also that typography can change but also photography as well in a certain way. Now we have Gropius were he takes about how that artist is being isolated by the world. He states from the reading “Lack of all vital connection with the life of the community led inevitably to barren esthetic speculation.” I believe what he trying to say that people can still be artist but they’re missing something important is missing in some of the artist work or themselves.

The idea that art is something that is involved with creation because art needs to show what it can do in the future. The argument with Bayer that typography doesn’t need to be simple but something different. So his point is that in the future try to use something different that not only help the new artist but the future artist. Another thing that is needed for the future of art is that sure getting the knowledge of art is good getting from school. However, from what Gropius argue is to see what is out there so the artist themself can grasped the meaning of art. For Gropius it’s getting the experience and exploring what’s out there. Then we have Moholy-Nagy, which used art differently by combining typography and photography into what is called typophoto. Were he is using to methods of art into one. From the three articles it talks about creativity, Knowledge, experience, and combination were these are what the future of art needs.


From Bayer point of view of typography is that people should learn that typography doesn’t have to be simple. For example, what he stated “Typographers envisioned possibilities of deeper visual experiences from a new exploitation of the typographic material itself.” Meaning it is time to be creative by using typography not just with words but to make it into a design. As for Gropius he discussed about how the academy is teaching art to the people. However, it seems that he does not like how it is because what he say’s “It shut off the artist from the world of industry and handicraft, and thus brought about his complete isolation from the community.” Which I agree because it’s true that school can teach someone art but it doesn’t bring the feeling of art. His point of view is that to become a great artist is to go out and see what’s out there to understand. Lastly Moholy-Nagy talks about being creative bring out more of an artist mind. After all, he talk about how the idea of typophoto can be used for business or politician saying to understand art is study what company your working for or what goes around today.

The ideas that is still used in the 21st century for art is typography. The reason why I feel that typography is important is because it creates a message and gives people the attention. Yes making a design to make it look pretty helps but it doesn’t show what it represents. For example, typography is used to created logos for a lot of company such as museum, company, and more. After all, by using typography there are a lot of typefaces that can be used so that there is one typeface for other design. To me typography seems important but some may believe in something else and I agree because in the end we used all the ideas for art.

Dennis U. September 23

  1. From what I readied I believe that each of the authors had their own way to improve art. For example, one had to used art in a book cover so that it can grab people to see what’s about. After all, it was help with technology to make that possible and with this the idea of art improve with technology. As for the other author I didn’t get much until the end when it talks about futurism. The author made a list that seems like an event or something to related to futurism. In this article it say’s “ 10. We want to demolish museums and libraries, fight morality, feminism and all opportunist and utilitarian cowardice.” From what a read using futurism in art can send a message saying what’s going or that this might happen later on. Lastly the last article is a poem but it seems like it talk about the change it is going on I think. I will say that in the beginning was it say’s that the process and goes on with other technology mention. However, from what I get that sense time is changing even art can change.
  2. How these authors anticipated how art would change and explain in their own articles. For example, the word futurism is one of them because it talks about war and other action. After all, there was design in art to support the cause in different scenario. As for how the technology help it shows that art doesn’t only have to be drawn it can work with technology. However, most them involved with change that it’s not going to stop and see how this change can be good for art.
  3. I believe that these ides where the author thinks about art intersect and where it might go. For example, one of the author talk about technology it talks about how it changes and now it is still changing. Also, how this diverges is the computers because now the artist used programs to help with digital art. However, technology is still changing and don’t know what else can change with digital art maybe virtual. As for one that talk about futurism that’s an idea that will go on no matter what because change is going to happen. With this people will diverge this change because people think what can change and how can it help the world of art or something else, Overall, change is going to happen like all these author talk about different ideas that is what cause the change. No one has one idea there are multiple ideas that people will think because change starts with us.

Dennis U. September 16

  1. The difference between semiology and linguistics is that one speaks for it self and the other show’s sign to get the meaning. In the reading it gave examples of how linguistics is used for to describe something or what the reading say’s” to delimit and define itself. How the reading describes linguistics, as tool for design is to tell and describe with words so it can be understood and what is trying to say. However, it is much different with semiology where it deals with signs instead of speaking. This is mostly used in art where there is no words but to look and see what does it mean but describe what it actually is. After all, in the article it say’s that sense there wasn’t any science back then people well had to result in pictures or sign to understand what it means. Even though they both function differently they both have a similar idea where it is trying to make a point and this technique is used to help with designers.
  2. The semiology of signs is used for today. For example, street signs it show’s that to be aware of people crossing or bump signs which help the drivers to slow down. The reason we have these sign is to drive safety and make sure there wasn’t any accidents. As a gamer as myself there is the rating system which show the violence that it has. The rating system is used for kids to much sure to not play the violent games. The meaning of signs just helps people to understand what to do because when someone sees the sign that person knows what to do.
  3. Signs may say something but it helps communicate that this is bad or this is good. After all, there are people who are deaf that can even hear but with signs it helps to understand better so they can relied on that then with hearing. Another, way it communicates even at the plane where the signs show the seat belts and something else I forgot the other sign. Over all, signs are a message to are brain where it tells us that sense I saw that sign it’s safe or not.
  4. Back to the first question that even though language, graphic communication and visual arts are different it can follow same method. After all, all three have one thing in coming and it is to get the message through and by showing in these ideas. Another, way they’re related to each other is that as graphic designers it can help to be creative and tried to design that others can understand. Plus, making something were people can understand helps show that this message and by using the methods it can help spread in one way or another.

Dennis Ulloa September 09


1.From what I think that people that used rudimentary method sounds like those who used it brag about their work and how this style was used back in the day. In the article it say’s “ In their minds, such bourgeois, subjective visions corrupted society.” Meaning back then since there wasn’t any internet people could go up to people but brag about there work and showing what they done. Now that the Internet is here this method is not used as it was back then. After all, the used of the Internet it helps explore the idea of graphic designers to see what they can do with their work. I believe sense that there wasn’t too much of art that cause people to look more but now people can look and think what they can do with their art.


2.I feel the reason why designers concern they of long obsolete skill is maybe to remember how it all started and how it improve in modern time. Also, it could be that maybe designers are looking more into how the old techniques may help with some of their own ideas. For example in the article it states “ Such designers see the client’s message as the central component of their work.” From what I think that even though the designer client tells them one thing the designer has to come up with at least ten ideas to show. After all, in the real world it isn’t where here is one lets get started no it’s where as artist to show something different even some of the ideas were used back then it can still be used now.


  1. The strategies that the designer come up with is stated in the article were it say’s “ Graphic designers must take note and consciously position themselves within the prosumer culture…” Meaning to make sure to understand what there doing and what are they going to create. Another strategies are that sense designers used computers they created a protocol so they can work with certain software. Not only that if the designer is told by the client of what they want. The designer would create resources that can help for what they want to design.