October 28 Javion Bailey

Media extends humanity by making information more widely available. In this day and age almost anyone can access new information via online. People can send a message, and within only a couple of seconds a great number of people are able to receive it.  The electric light, as explained by McLuhan, has no “content”. This means that the light itself is not worth paying attention to it is just something used to illuminate the actual message. Because of the electric light we are able to communicate through it. Whether it be entertainment or advertising etc. We use that medium as the message. 

Technological advancements bring about the sharing of too much information sometimes. Since electricity and access to the internet is widely available anyone can put something up and it can be ready millions upon billions of people. In McLuhan’s The Extension of Man he quotes Napoleon, “Three hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” Meaning that just the information on a newspaper can be more frightening than a weapon designed to kill. McLuhan says that Napoleon would listen to other media, such as the telegraph. Because of this he was able to gain an advantage of his enemies. 

 Artists and designers can take more notice of how they release their artworks or what mediums they use to bring about their message. Whether it be online, through newspapers, articles or tabloids etc., or whatever the audience uses to consume media, this could have an effect on the consumer. New techniques and ideas could bring about the change of certain media or medium.

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