Rana_Abdelnaby_October 28

McLuhan described that technology; along with media are a form of human extension. In this way, technology acts as an added advantage to the human revolution by easing their activities . Instead of sending letters to communicate with a distant person, a person can use social media such as Facebook or Twitter. For instance, a car is an extension of afoot. Also, the media improves human life as it can be construed as a product of both place and time. Similarly, McLuhan indicates that television is a cool medium since it can project light to the viewers and deliver a message that is full of data and relevant to increase knowledge of human beings. Also, the electric light is purely information and takes the realm of a medium without a message but provides lighting during the night.

On the contrary, technological progress might have a hazard impact for individuals and society as well in the electronic age. As technology advances, people lose consciousness and act without reaction as the message they receive impacts their reasoning and do not understand the dangers associated with their actions. It implies that media binds individual psychic and social effects defining the real significance of the medium

Furthermore, in “the medium is the message,” the artist and designers can be a sublimation of change in society. Therefore, the designers and artists can recognize the essence of the new media and utilize it to show the community the future. Hence, the artist is reliable in changing the movement of art from traditional ones such as painting to use of software to design a building, roads, and other infrastructure.






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