Extra Credit Project #1 – Photo Exhibit

Fred W. McDarrah photography exhibition

I had the opportunity to attend the exhibition of Fred M. The reason for the gallery is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stonewall uprising. It is the first time I heard of this photographer and discovered that he was one or only the one in taking photographs during the 6 days of protest in that year.
The gallery presents several photographs during the protests. One of the things I liked is the way Fred photographed the event. Fred’s photographs show in each of the people the happiness they have despite the fact that it is a protest. You feel the union and pride of the people.
One of the photos I liked (the second photo attached here) is that of a man seems to be giving a speech. You can see the man in profile and talking to the public and in turn, his arm creates a kind of framing around the people who listen to him. When you see the picture, your look goes straight to his face and then to the public. In general, I liked all the photos since they look natural you can feel what was happening. People are happy despite the situation.

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