HW #3 – Visit Photoville!



Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Photoville this past weekend! There were SO many different photo projects and organizations representing different issues, I easily spent 2 hrs at this exhibition (not to mention the perfect weather on Saturday). I know apart of this post should be a critique to some of the photographers but who am I to judge these wonderful pictures that were selected to be apart of the exhibition for a reason! So here is my praise for some that stood out the most:

The first that I’d like to mention was by the Intergalatic Travel Bureau, they weren’t your traditional photographs but images taken of space (different planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, etc). I’m a sucker for a good galaxy pic but their container set up was by far one of the most fun and engaging. The people working the container were dressed as flight attendants and played the role of travel agents pretending to book trips for people to different planets and moons (at the very low low cost $1.8 million??). It was quite entertaining.

The second and my personal favorite was a container that was filled and set up with images and police evidence/documents from car crash that happened in Brooklyn. The artist (didn’t get this containers info) did her own investigating of this abandoned cracked car outside of a police station. Apparently the driver of the car had been killed in the accident and the investigation is still going on. She had different photos of the surrounding neighborhood (one is posted above). That specific photo has a grimey, trouble is lingering ahead feel to it and definitely captured the dark tone she was trying to set with her investigation.



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