HW#3 – Photoville !


Photoville was  such a great experience, filled with such beautiful and diverse work that could make anyone a fan of photography. These are some images that stood out to me. Growing up Amelia by Robin Schwartz was my favorite part of the exhibit. Schwartz did a great job at capturing her daughter Amelia growing up amongst the animals. I found it interesting how she replicated the photo of Amelia as a young girl with their cat. I enjoyed the sense of fantasy that came with the vibrant colors and disney princess style composition. The photograph on the top right was taken by Harmen Meinsma. In this project Meinsma picked random people with extraordinary personalities and gave them the experience of a glamorous of a photoshoot. What i enjoyed most about this project was the fact that the subjects were different from what you may find in main stream photography. The project consisted of portraits with beautifully loud colors, which was definitely what made it stand out to me. The last photo i chose to speak about was taken by Janelle Jones an emerging photographer. I love the creativity of this Photograph. Like the others, it is also rich in color. Leading lines in this image guide your eyes to the plate of cheetos creating for a very interesting photograph. Photoville is a unique place with a lot of talents displayed.

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