Lesson #12

Shallow Learning by Aaron Hegert

Four Seasons from the series Landscape Sublime By Anastasia Samoylova  

For this week’s learning log, My partner and I had to choose an exhibit from the Biennale virtual tour. We ended up choosing the ‘When Image Collide” exhibit. Reading about this exhibition on how people used photograph to form these complex works about the world which got me interested. This exhibit catches most of my attention because of all of the colorful pieces that were there in this exhibit. Most of the photographs were mostly using collage pictures just like how Timm Rautert did for one of his works for the Harper Bazzer. However, two of the artwork in this exhibit that caught my eyes the most were Four seasons by Anastasia Samoylova & Shallow learning By Aaron Hergert. For the Four Season, it caught my attention because of the different colors she has used in her work. Like it said in the description that it seems cheerful and playful which is what I see in her work here. In Hergert’s work for Shallow learning, I really find his work pretty interesting. I really like how he frames the building in his work and as well goes for the picture of the fire I believe it is. Overall, this virtual tour was pretty interesting and new for me. It was pretty fun going around this exhibit without having to be there right during the pandemic. The only situation with this was not being able to see much of the detail on their works. I have to go close on my laptop to see the work or even look it up to get a better look at their work.

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