Learning Log #12

My partner and I both agreed that “When Images Collide” is more interesting than “All Art is Photography”. “When Images Collide” is and modern museum with interesting artwork displaying on the wall. The artworks are a sequence that tells a story and allows viewers to things what is this art piece trying to present.

My partner and I came upon these three artworks that capture our attention and was about to guess what they were. The first image shows 10 pieces of individual collages of colorful a head silhouette. It allows us to think that the pieces are recycling images to form these collages of silhouettes.

The second images were similar to what we did for our learning log 10 cropping out pictures and have them continue. We both agreed that it reminds us of the Instagram grid collage that we could have our pictures continue using the grids provided for us. These collages are 3D handbooks on the walls.

Lastly, the third image really captured my attention because it’s a very colorful collage. It shows 8 canvases on the wall describing the 4 seasons. We were able to guess it was the four-season college because of the color the artist used and what was in the collage. This artwork allows me to have a feeling of vacation and want to travel at this very moment.

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