Learning Log#8 – Portrait lighting 2

Back Lighting

short lighting

Butterfly lighting 

Edge  Lighting 

Today class, we work with 4 different lighting. Butterfly, edge, short, and back lighting. For the first photo I did a low angle shot and the contrast made a light pop more. The 2nd photo, the model was looking up. I capture that moment to get a rim lighting . You could see the lighting on the model’s forehead and the glare on her glasses. The 3rd photo, the model was place in the middle of the shot and use a white a background with bright lighting. To get this look I lower the aperture. The last photo, the model back was turnt and place the lighting towards her back and some lighting on the front.

One thought on “Learning Log#8 – Portrait lighting 2

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    As mentioned in class, your “short” lighting is in fact short, but more important we were looking for 3 point lighting with hair light. And with the first shot, be careful of exposure, this one is probably a stop and a half to 2 stops under exposed.


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