Gotham West Market Food Hall

Jazarie severino

I had visited the Gotham west market in downtown Manhattan. Which this place has an variety of options place is pretty big and have lots of room and seat space . There are all types of cultural foods and people at this market. I actually enjoyed to discover somewhere I haven’t been before and try foods I haven’t before. There food selection are burgers, pizza, ramen, tacos, waffles, ice cream, chicken, spirits, jianbing and seafood.Some places may have been a lil pricy.
Pizza $3.25/ 5 per slice
Ice cream $4/8 pint $9
Waffles $5 plus toppings
Seafood $14/30 ½ or dz
Tacos $9 for 3
Jianbing $13/18 meal
Ramen $ 13&up depending on the meal.
I’ve decided to take a risk and try some tacos from a place called Choza. When given my tacos they were in a plastic plate with aluminum rapped around each taco. The tacos were ok they could’ve been better. The tacos were regular hard taco size so they filled me up. However, there was an spot called Genuine that I was tempted to get food from. Genuine selection of food would’ve probably been better than the tacos, but I never had Mexican food before so I wanted to try something different. Even though the French fries and burgers with tots were calling my name. The tacos were a little spicy, not really a fan of spicy food as much.when I was done with my tacos there was a place to throw the food out and put the place the plates next to it. But so not mixed plates with the other plates from different food stores I gave it back to where I bought my tacos. Choza looked kind of plain compared to the others. When walking around to collect menus it of at least 7 stores I was only able to get 2. Most of the menus had to be left on the counter where other people order. Some places where making food on the line or in the back. For example, where to order ramen they will cook the ramen in the back and serve it in the front line. The lines were clean, neat, organized and fast pacing.

For my first experience at a good hall I had a great time. I didn’t go alone I had went with a Jennifer from class and being able to talk to someone with the same assignment helped a lot also. So I wasn’t only giving me my own opinion we spoke about the wrongs and rights about Gotham West Market. I do recommend this place if you would like to try different foods and have a spot to chill in. On the other hand, I do not recommend choza. Everyone has their own opinion maybe you would like it. Go to Gotham West Market food hall it’s a pretty cool experience when interested in food.

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