In the course of my academic career in City Tech. I have taken a handful of classes. Some were easy and some were extremely difficult. While completing the PTW courses a lot of writing was required of me. This page of Academics shows a brief history of some of my work while in City Tech.

Description: For CST 3559, the assignment asked to create a user guide for a specific website that one was interested in. The project was a group project, throughout the project myself and one more person came up with a website and or application that we both used.

User guide (Jamika, CST 3559, project 1)

Description: Throughout Eng 2700 it was asked from all students to think of  something that could better NYC College of Technology and write its benefits and its challenges.
final project eng 2700

Description: In Eng 2700 each person in the class received a set of goggles. Each student was asked to type up a manual for the goggles. How to use it? What to do with it ? What not to do with it ?

VR Goggles safety manual 

Specialized Communication For Technology

Description: In Eng 1133, it was asked of the students to choose a business that the writer would like to open and create  a proposal and how the business will open , how much money is required to complete this project, and why should the project be finalized.


African History

Description: The assignment is to pick three to four art pieces in any African American Museum, write about the piece and its importance. The pieces had to be within the same time period.

african art brochure

LIB Course

 Description: Detailing a game that will teach students how to cite in MLA format. The game will have a social component that will serve as a classroom activity and an offline component for students to practice outside of the classroom.