Internship Weekly Journals

Internship  Weekly Journal


My first reflecting journal while completing my internship, discusses what my tasks were for my first week.  Along with my tasks, it includes how I felt while completing my first set of hours for the internship and my experience with the different responsibilities that come with being an intern instead of a Assistant Teacher ( which is what I am use to). My task for the first week was to take a small group out of the classroom and assist them with their editing skills.


My second week completing my internship was quite a journey. I encountered a handful of challenges. I did not get to overcome my challenges for this weeks tasks. My second task was to start the Monthly newsletter for March and how i felt while completing the task. As for the theme of the newsletter, I did not want to choose any thing so I came up with “March Madness!”

WeeklyWritingJournal-3 (1)

As the weeks progressed, my challenges became severe. I started to feel overwhelmed. However, I was able to complete the March Monthly newsletter  in a timely manner.


My fourth journal discusses my experience and feelings throughout my time completing the internship. It also discusses how I was able to complete one of my major task for the month.


My fifth writing journal discuss my journey in completing the Aprils’ Newsletter. In the journal I expressed that I thought completing the newsletter would have been easier but it wasn’t and why.


For my sixth journal I discussed my task which was to help the students with the personal letters to the principal and practicing their cursive.


My seventh journal expresses my challenges with giving the students in my internship the chance to complete their assignment independently instead of helping to the point that it seems as though I am completing the assignment for them.

WeeklyWritingJournal 8

My last journal displays my thoughts about creating my last newsletter for the internship.