*Liberal Arts and Science Associates Degree Completed *

The associate in science degree is a comprehensive liberal arts and sciences curriculum emphasizing the application of scientific knowledge and mathematics for problem solving.

*Child Abuse Certification completed 2015
Child Abuse Certification is this 3-hour course fulfills the New York State requirement for training in recognizing types of abuse and neglect in children and adolescents. Covers responding to victims’ disclosures, gathering forensic evidence, reporting, and legal issues in NY. Applicable for all professions required to take this course, including nursing, physicians, dentists, teachers, and more.

*Violation Certification completed 2015
The purpose of this certification is to ensure those whom are working in the educational field knows the difference between violation and child abuse. With that, the test taken to get the certification test you and explains the consequences.

*Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills (ATAS) completed 2016
The purpose of this test is to help ensure that certified teaching assistants (also referred to as paraprofessionals) have the knowledge and skills that are important for the job of a teaching assistant in New York State public schools.

Each of these certifications allowed me to continue my career in the educational field. In order to keep my job as a teacher at an early childhood center it was required of me to take these certifications.