Internship TASKS

Task One:

Description: Each student was asked to pick and read 2 stories out of 4 and answer the 2 short response questions. My task was to take a small group of students that were having difficulties and edit their writing so they can publish. While editing I used the images below to assist with the editing process. I used markup language for all the students due to the lack of time. Below are documents of the student’s response as well as the checklist I used to complete my task. After the editing process was complete, each student took the time to rewrite their responses and the final paper was graded.

Download (PDF, 266KB)

  • The attachment above is the checklist that I used to guide me when helping the students edit their writing.
  • The attachment below is a scan of the student’s work after editing.

Download (PDF, 483KB)

Task Two:

Description: As the end of the March approached the students were asked to complete a big writing assignment. All students were to pick any topic they enjoyed and pair up with someone. ( Even though some of the students didn’t pair up due to their poor team work skills) Once the students had their group and topic, they were asked to create a book about that specific topic. My task was to have a conference with each student in my mini group and edit their writing. In order to edit their books I had to meet with each student in my group and have a conference about what they were writing about and what ideas were they trying to portray.

Download (PDF, 74KB)

Task Three:

Description: Entering the internship I was asked to complete monthly newsletters for the parents and full staff. My third task was to create and organize the March Newsletter describing what the month consisted of as well as little fun facts. Below is my March Madness Newsletter!

Download (PDF, 97KB)

Task Four:

Description: While completing my daily tasks, for the month of April I was asked to create and organize yet another Monthly Newsletter in which I agreed on doing when entering the internship. The first newsletter was a bit overwhelming in comparison to the second. For this newsletter, I changed the layout just to give the readers something different.

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