About Me

Welcome!!!! My name is Jamika Russell!!! Completing my Bachelors Degree at New York City College of Technology has been quite an experience for me. I enrolled in NYC Technology quickly after graduating from Benjamin Banneker Academy. When entering NYC Technology I knew that I wanted to succeed but no one ever knows how to go about doing so

I remember thinking in my first semester at City Tech (which wasn’t in Professional and Technical Writing) if I could incorporate education and technical writing together, I would be great. My Associates Degree is in Liberal Arts and Science. I completed three years in the major. Unfortunately, I did not go to my graduation because I felt as though an Associates degree isn’t something to celebrate about.

However, graduating with my Associates in Liberal Arts and Science at NYC Technology I quickly knew I had to make a decision on what I wanted to do. So I choose Professional and Technical Writing.
As of Fall 2018 I am almost done with my educational milestone. It has not been a easy process, however I did it!

Even though I am in the PTW major, my specialization is Biology. I choose this specialization because before applying for the major I took 3 out of the 4 courses required for the PTW major.

Once I graduate from college I hope to continue my journey in the educational field and become a third grade teacher. Due to my major at City Tech I have to go to grad school for education in order to take the necessary test  to become a teacher.