Mayy Abdelrahim

Professor Jewell 

December 04, 2019

Homeless on the street 


Speech to public New Yorkers 


Do you have a roof on top of your head? Do you have food available when you need it? Do you have access to water when it’s needed? And when it’s freezing outside, do you have clothes to keep you warm? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re probably not the thousands of people that are homeless and suffering on the street every day. What is like to be homeless living on the street, looking for a place to be safe. Pretending to be homeless for a day and actually being homeless are two entirely different things. I would be more impressed if the Mayor or people that worked for the government spent 30 days on the streets or experience a feeling of what’s it’s like to lose their money and house, for them to get a better idea of what it is like to be homeless. For those people that will be hearing this speech, you will still pass by the homeless like if they never existed even probably scared to have even 10 seconds to spare to hand over some pocket change that you will probably never use. Don’t think that every homeless person you see is on drugs or is alcohol. These people need help, and giving even 50 cents to someone in need can make a massive difference in that person’s day. Please, if you can help, do it. I understand that you work so hard for the money you make, but you will never know the story, the reason for them losing their home unless if you asked them. It is time for us to wake up and have some sympathy to stop the number of homelessness increases. Be thankful for what you have and share the rest to others that is desperately in need of money or food. Reminder, Would you like to take the train in the morning to go to work, school, doctor appointments, events without smelling a robust stinky smell on the transportation. Or would you like to walk down the street without someone bothering you with a disturbing sign “help i have kids to feed, help me with a spare change.” have you thought about the homeless people during wintertime.


New York is cold during winter, most likely under zero degrees in December through February. For those that are homeless, they live in the subway station or takes the train back and forth for them not to get caught by the police, but few of them have died from the cold. One thing that it is not mentioned are people who end up becoming homeless because of NATURAL DISASTERS, like Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and others. According to the article In an Era When Hurricanes and Wildfires Are Common, Homelessness Is an ‘Ongoing Disaster’ for Students Across the U.S. by Laura Fay “Hurricanes and wildfires that ravaged large portions of the U.S. in 2017 have increased the number of families experiencing homelessness and have renewed interest in the academic effects of not having stable housing…….More recently, two reports found that New York City is failing to provide homeless children with the services they need and that the number of homeless children in New York City is growing. Social workers are overwhelmed with cases, and often schools aren’t following up with parents when students are absent from their classes.” These are some of the reasons for teenage are taking drugs because of the pressure. Today let’s use social media to pass the message and keep other people aware of what’s happening on the streets of New York City. You may dream of having the best brand name of the car or an iPhone. Well, their dream is to have a roof on top of their heads. Let us not allow other people to suffer.



Dear. Mayor De Blasio,

I write this letter to you with deep concern about the homelessness happening in New York City. As the Mayor, you must fulfill your duties and responsibilities of ensuring safety and fighting for the best for the people of NYC. Homelessness in New York City is no joke, and day by day, it is getting worse. Since the great depression, homelessness has reached its highest it’s ever been in 2019. While you may seem to think that the most are done to help individuals that are homeless, you are wrong. Many things are going on in shelters and the streets that you and many of the people do not know about. Did you know that there are over 45,600 homeless children in NYC? Did you know that many individuals are women, pregnant women, elders, young, men and women are being turned away from shelters because there is not enough space? Did you know that homelessness has lead to mental illness, disorders, drug addictions, etc.?.Put yourself in any homeless person position, or imagine if your kids had to go through hardship because their parents simply can’t afford to pay for their rent or keep their house, nor can they be admitted to shelters because of “space.” I speak with great sadness, as I witness these individuals struggle every day and try to survive through freezing weather. Many of these individuals have gotten to where they are due to many reasons such as domestic violence, losing their jobs, unable to afford rent, hazardous house conditions, etc. What breaks my heart when I pass by a mother that is holding a child that is probably around six months that needs money. I recommend you to go out in the city and listen to the homeless that are suffering. Instead of providing them shelter that is full of negative influences such as drug addiction, rapists, criminals, etc. Why not offer them a home for three months, and that could give them time to look for a job and have someone that visits them for them to get an education on how to live a better style for them not to become homeless again, yet also to have someone to watch over them. That’s the benefit for the city to decrease the number of homeless and prevent them from staying on the street. Also, I would like for you to provide punishment in the shelter for these people that are messing around. 


Mayy Abdelrahim


Audience 2

4 December 2019


    The human rights violations occurring in China aren’t being addressed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Pakistan is a neighboring country to China and they have been allies for quite some time. This however, should be no excuse to not call out the Chinese government. Rather, it is a great point of leverage from which to demand an end to the inhumane reeducation camps and senseless violence against the Uighur Muslims. The following is a letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. I’ve chosen to write a letter because I’m aware of the likelihood of it being acknowledged as the Prime Minister’s office has been known to respond to the concerns of the people.


Dear Prime Minister Imran Khan,


You are the Prime Minister of Pakistan. You hold great power and have been utilizing it to do great things for Pakistan. This country is undoubtedly making progress in the form of reform, taxation, and alliances. The most interesting thing about you, however, is your incorporation of Islam into your campaign. Yet, you fail to address the genocide going on in China, one of your most diligent allies. There is no faith that would allow for complacency in the face of such unjustness. 

In an interview with the Financial Times, you were questioned about your stance on the mass detention camps where Uighur muslims are being held. You failed to acknowledge the truth and you simply said, “I don’t know much about that.” This is a lie. 

It’s no secret that Pakistan depends on China for diplomatic, military and economic support. 

At the United Nations General Assembly you said that “China has come to help when we were right at the rock bottom.” You praised the Chinese government and all that they have done for Pakistan. Well now it is your turn to help China, by way of its most vulnerable communities and your brothers and sisters in Islam, the Uighurs. They have been beaten down to rock bottom, Mr. Prime Minister. Who will help them? As a Muslim yourself, how would you feel if your government forced you to disavow your values; to eat pork, to neglect your daily prayers, to know that military officals were “sharing beds” with your wife?

These are the kinds of horrific acts the Chinese government is inflicting on the Uighur Muslims. As you turn a blind eye to the tragedy occurring know that the world is watching, and more importantly, God is watching.  

The people of Pakistan deserve to know the truth about where you stand. 

Your Uighur brothers and sisters demand your attention.

It’s your call, Mr. Prime Minister.


Best Regards,

Shzeen Cheema


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What is Marijuana? Marijuana refers to the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant. The plant contains the mind-altering chemical THC and other similar compounds. Extracts can also be made from the cannabis plant. Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. Its use is widespread among young people. In 2015, more than 11 million young adults ages 18 to 25 used marijuana. Marijuana has mind-altering compounds that affect both your brain and body. It can be additive, and it may be harmful to some people’s health. According to “How marijuana affects your brain and body shows: using marijuana can cause addiction, memory loss, social anxiety disorders, Paranoia, heart damage, Lung problem and so on. We need to ban marijuana. But I have no right to do it. So I can tell government here that marijuana is harmful to the people and hope it can create a law to banning marijuana. I also want to tell people who smoke marijuana: You must stop smoking marijuana, it affects the health of you and those around you.

Dear government,
I want you to think about if Marijuana can not be limit, it will cause more and more people smoke. Smoke Marijuana is not only affecting himself, but also affecting people around him. Please think about whether the behavior that harms society should be stopped? Your existence is for people’s health and social stability. If you can’t even stop the marijuana drugs, how can you let people give you power and trust? So I ask you to ban the manufacture, sale and smoking of marijuana from now on. For violators should be punished. After that, people will not be near the New York subway station, downstairs at home, smelling a thick pungent smell near the school. Our current New York is filled with the smell of marijuana, hurting innocent people. My family lives on the second floor, but the smell of marijuana on the first floor is often accompanied by the wind through the gap in my window. We tried to complain and report, but the owner of the house turned a blind eye to it. I don’t want to live in New York with such pain. I really want to breathe fresh air every day and make the beautiful environment. In my opinion, it’s not just that I have such a request. Everyone living in New York does not want to endure the smell of marijuana in such an airtight environment as a subway station. For people who must use marijuana as a medicine, I hope that law enforcement can draw a part of the area to let patients take medicine. In addition, Marijuana users may experience psychosis. Marijuana users who have taken large doses of the drug may experience acute psychosis, which includes hallucinations, delusions, and a loss of the sense of personal identity. Easy to cause crime. If someone sins with the help of marijuana, he finally evades responsibility because of mental problems. This is a serious harm to society. So law enforcement people also need to limit for the amount of cannabis intake. Here I want to ask you why cannabis is hurting more and more people. But fewer cannabis laws and regulations? According to “Smoking Weed in New York Is Now a Fine-Only Offense” say:“ Smoking marijuana in public in New York State can now only be punished with a fine rather than jail time after a new decriminalization law went into effect Wednesday, August 28th. As CBS New York reports, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the new bill last month.” I don’t know why cannabis changed from guilty to innocent, but this is the beginning of bad things.

Dear Smoker,
As far as I know, you spend a lot of money every day buying and smoking marijuana. First I will tell you if you do not smoke marijuana for several months. The money you save is enough to buy a car. It may not be enough to attract you, but if you insist on not using marijuana for years, you can even buy a house with the saved money. According to “Colorado passes $1 billion in marijuana state revenue”, Since July 2017, Colorado total monthly tax and fee revenue from marijuana sales has never dipped below $20 million. In February 2014, the first month with sales tracking data, total state revenue was $3.5 million. From these data, people spend a lot of money on drugs. I think that if people use this money to help the poor, the average living standard of the people will be improved.  So I hope you can use your money in the right place. Then I want to let you know about smoking marijuana.  Endangers your health and the health of those around you. According to “The Harmful effects of Marijuana”, “The immediate effects of taking marijuana include rapid heart beat, disorientation, lack of physical coordination, often followed by depression or sleepiness. Some users suffer panic attacks or anxiety. But the problem does not end there. According to scientific studies, the active ingredient in cannabis, THC, remains in the body for weeks or even months. Marijuana smoke contains 50% to 70% more cancer-causing substances than tobacco smoke. One major research study reported that a single cannabis joint could cause as much damage to the lungs as up to five regular cigarettes smoked one after another. Long-time joint smokers often suffer from bronchitis, an inflammation of the respiratory tract. The drug can affect more than your physical health. Studies in Australia in 2008 linked years of heavy marijuana use to brain abnormalities. This is backed up by earlier research on the long-term effects of marijuana, which indicate changes in the brain similar to those caused by long-term abuse of other major drugs. And a number of studies have shown a connection between continued marijuana use and psychosis.” Hopefully after I have explained the dangers of cannabis, you can quit it.


Audience 1

4 December 2019


    There is a genocide occurring in the west of China, a modern-day Holocaust of the Uighur people. Despite the awareness of this crisis, those appointed to preventing such horrors (namely the United Nations) are startlingly silent. My decision to address the UN  is due to my disbelief at the fact that they are very much aware of the ongoing terror the Uighurs are facing, yet they are allowing their own indifferences to prevent much-needed intervention. My message will be written in the form of a letter because of their authoritative power–something that addressing the Secretary General demands. And more importantly, letters are personal, conveying genuine concern. In this letter, I am trying to convey the importance of the topic and hopefully cause the addressee to take action.


Dear Mr Secretary General,


Imagine: it is the end of an incredibly taxing semester, you are overjoyed to be finally going home and seeing your family. Your mother’s warm hugs, the wrinkles around your father’s eyes when he sees you, it brings a skip to your step, a smile to your face. You rush home only to find stone-faced Chinese officials waiting for you with no trace of your family in sight. Your home, your haven, feels different–disturbed. You muster up the courage to ask about your family and are informed they have been placed in special “schools” and that if they “behaved,” they would be allowed to come home. Your stomach begins to knot and your palms grow sweaty. The officials then take you to see your family, with strict orders to comply–or else.  And this is how you and all your neighbors are gathered. You see the lady down the street who feeds the neighborhood cats, the shopkeeper, your teacher with the crooked glasses. You even see your cousin, the one who always teases you, but his laughing face is drawn, his brow furrowed, and his movements jerky. The feeling in your gut worsens.

 China’s treatment of the Uigher Muslims and other ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region is nothing new, it can be likened to that of the Jewish people by Nazi Germany. The world could not save the billions of Jewish lives lost. Everyday, more and more Uighurs are subject to the brutality of the Chinese government. We must take immediate action to prevent history from repeating itself. 

Victims have come forward and shared their experiences, opening up on what it was like to escape the clutches of the Chinese government. They are willingly reliving their nightmarish memories repeatedly in hopes of getting the attention of people like you. People in positions of power who can help stop the suffering of their people. There are hundreds of thousands of people in need of our help and it is our duty to help them. 

Four-hundred Chinese documents were leaked. These documents included the government of China’s plans to cleanse the region of Muslim majority groups. “The documents also include several speeches given by President Xi Jinping where he lays the groundwork for how everything should play out” (Ramzy and Buckley). The President himself is directly responsible, ordering Chinese officials to gather these groups and place them into reeducation camps. He went on to say that the officials should be “sharing beds with” the detained women. China claims that they are trying to cleanse its country of “radical Islam,” they claim that they are trying to rid their country of terrorists, a baseless claim (Maizland). In the words of the Council on Foreign Relations, “their only crime is being Muslim.” President Xi Jinping is using “radical Islam” as an excuse to murder the Uighur people. Again we see the parallels between the Uighurs of China and the Jews of Nazi Germany. Is faith so heinous a crime that it may justify genocide? 

I understand that the members of the United Nations are divided in terms of China’s treatment of these minorities. I urge you to consider the severity of the situation and put aside your differences to act immediately. Every moment spent postponing a solution means lives lost. I urge you to do something, anything. 

The Uighurs need you to act on your promise to be the upholders and preservers of peace. 



Shzeen Cheema 


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Police brutality and shooting

Philip Kumi,


police brutality and shooting started in 1872. I want to educate my audience about this incident and how they can protect themselves. The audience are black people. I specifically chose this audience because they are the people who are affected by it the most and research shows that as well. According to the police violence mapping website, “one thousand one hundred and forty-seven people were killed by the police and within those numbers, black people were twenty-five percent of the people who have been killed by the police and they are only thirteen percent of the population.” There is a huge gap between black, white and Hispanics when it comes to police brutality and shooting. I want to educate my audience about police brutality and what they can do when they are stopped by the police. My message to black people is, police brutality and shooting cannot be stopped but there are different things we can do to not fall victim of police brutality and shooting. We can all come together, educate ourselves on how we can reduce police brutality and shootings in our communities. We can organized campaign and workshops to educate our fellow black youth about police brutality and how they can conduct themselves when stopped by the police. We also need to be enlightened about the law and our rights and ways we can fight back legally when oppressed or abused by the police. There are firms and attorneys who are willing to participate in these campaigns about police brutality and ways we can hold the police responsible for their actions. An example is the Julian Castro campaign. This campaign is organized to end police brutality and they are dedicated to helping minorities and people affected by this situation to fight for their rights. My goal is to change both side’s opinions about each other and to let them act differently towards each other. Sometimes I feel like black people are at fault. They act aggressively towards the police and that makes the police reply in a form of violence. I also feel that the police act abusively towards black people because of the criminal stigma associated with black people and overall both sides need some education and should use a different approach towards each other. There are steps that we can follow when stopped by the police according to the NYCLU “we can protect ourselves by not interfering with the police in case of random search. Remaining silent and listening to the police attentively. Showing the police your identification card, insurance or driver’s license. Controlling your words, body language, and emotions. Not running or getting into an argument with the police. Keeping your hands where the police can see. Not touching the police officer, and lastly asking for a lawyer immediately after your arrest.” These are easy steps that we can follow and educate others in order to not become victims of police brutality and shooting. We need to know our rights when stopped by the police. We have rights everywhere we go, according to the criminal justice degree hub, we have certain rights such as the right to arm bears on ourselves, in our houses and when traveling. The fourth amendment the right to protection, the right to explain yourself calmly during searches by the police, your Miranda right which is the right to remain silent anything you say will be used against you in court and the right to an attorney and if you cannot afford one. An attorney will be provided for you, the right to peacefully protest in public, the right to have an attorney present at the airport when questioned by the police and lastly the right to stop the police from entering your house without a warrant.” There are certain things that the police cannot do as well. They can only use their guns when they see objects. According to the American Bar Association, In 2017 a white police officer who was video-recorded killing an unarmed black motorist in north charleston was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison”. This shows that the police can only be convicted and sentenced based on evidence. What we can all do is to turn our cell phone recording button on when interacting with the police besides that we can also videotape these kinds of police interactions and brutality from far distance then later confronting the person or family member about what you have to be used as evidence in court for justice to be served. We can help ourselves and others who are victims of police brutality and shooting. Another tip is not holding objects when stopped by the police. According to the same article which is the Amerian Bar Association, “A police officer from Arizona shot a woman who was holding a large kitchen knife.” Holding objects when stopped by the police can seem as a threat to the police. They are human and in terms of situations like that, they will use what they have to protect themselves when they get terrified or frustrated. So we need to know these types of information to be safe from their negative actions. We are in a society that governed against us based on our skin color or our past criminal records so we need to act a certain type of way to not fall into their traps. When we come across incidents like this first we need to get a lawyer or an attorney who will understand our situation. Secondly we need to present any evidence we have in court to persuade the judge to rule in favor of us and lastly, regardless of our pain we should try and remain calm, treat the police with respect and use the appropriate language when stopped by the police. We need to know this basic information in order to take legal procedures when they abuse their power or act illegally towards us.


Message to the police department.

The majority of us black people might have criminal records but that does not give you the right to criminalize the whole community. In every community, there are good people and bad people you can’t characterize the whole people as criminals because people who have similar skin color as those who are committing crimes. Our society needs a social change, your role is to protect people not to abuse and killed people. Based on the New York Times article, “a 28 years old woman named Jefferson was shot by the police through her window because the police received a phone call from the neighbor saying that he had noticed the light was on in the middle of the night and is not normal for them.  meanwhile, Ms Jefferson was playing video games with her cousin. The officer later resigned and was arrested.” This shows that shooting can affect both sides. We the people can be affected the most but the police can end up losing their job or being sentenced. In this case, the police were supposed to present him or herself as a police and ask the person’s permission to go for a random search. Everything should be done calmly if there is no illegal possessions. The police should never take action or use their weapons without any investigation or confrontation.



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Depression Among College Students

Baldip Singh



          Depression is the most common health problem for college students. Students can easily feel anxious trying to balance school, work, friends and family while also trying to figure out the rest of their lives. Recent research indicates that young adult college students experience increased levels of depression, anxiety, and stress. Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health problems on college campuses. Over 39% of college students “felt so depressed that it was difficult to function” at least once during the 2016-2017 academic school year. Over 60% of college students have felt overwhelmed by anxiety at least once in the last 12 months. It is a big problem in the US. 


    Dear parents, 


           What causes depression? Depression can be caused by a number of things. Lack of sleep is one of the most known causes. Nobody is at their best after they have had no sleep the night before. It is likely to have a massive effect on our temper in addition to our ability to perform our day to day chores. A lack of sleep will have an adverse effect on us in severe approaches, such as making us much more likely to be affected by depression. Another cause can be TV. We are often told as kids that we should not be spending too much time in front of the TV. For some reason, though, we tend not to follow such advice as adults and many people spend many hours a day glued to it. The inactivity is not healthy for us and it can also cause other problems as well. Many professionals experience that too much TV is a strong contributor to acute depression. Patients can get so emotionally worried with shows and films that they may be able to have an extended-lasting impact on their well being. In some instances, TV shows and movies may even make sufferers experience suicidal thoughts. Remember that TV is ok in itself, but it should  be watched best cautiously and the borders between truth and fiction have to no longer be crossed. 


         Tough decisions. We all have to make choices at some point in our lives. These can range from what to have for dinner, to potentially life-changing decisions such as a change in career. It can be difficult to choose at times and sometimes we will have to make a decision that will involve disappointing another person. Some people find decision making more difficult than others, though. For some people, having to make decisions can even lead to depression. It could even be simple decisions that have little to no long-term impact, such as which dress to buy. Making even simple decisions can often be an overwhelming experience for some people. In recent decades we have learned a great deal about how our diet affects our health. This means how it affects us physically and also mentally. A good, balanced diet helps us to be physically fit while also helps to ensure that we are in good shape mentally. We have also identified various foods containing ingredients that can help to prevent depression. Omega 3 fatty acids are compounds that are commonly found in fish, particularly salmon. Studies have shown that these fatty acids can help to regulate compounds in our brains that can help prevent depression. In addition to eating plenty of salmon, a good diet overall will help you feel better physically and mentally.


             Another cause can be relationships. The people around us will have a considerable impact on our overall well-being. They can make us happy and they can make us sad, and they can get into every aspect of how we live our lives. Unfortunately, having the wrong kind of relationships can also contribute to depression. Even a small disagreement can stay on somebody’s mind and contribute to them becoming depressed. Studies have shown that children that don’t have good relationships with their siblings and other family members are more likely to experience depression as adults. Bad relationships with someone you love can give you bad thoughts all the time and can even make you suicidal.



                                                                                       Baldip Singh



(Assembly at Queens College) 


           Depression is a big problem for college students as they aren’t mature enough yet to make the best decisions for themselves. Lack of sleep, watching an excessive amount of television, having to make tough decisions, what you eat and do not eat, and your relationships are big causes of depression among college students. Every student is different and goes through different circumstances so these can’t apply to everyone but these are the most common and leading causes of depression amongst college students. You might be going through depression because of these things and can’t help yourself. We all here have felt overwhelmed by something in life, anxiety over it may have lead to depression. You thought that once you complete the task at hand, our problems would disappear and so would our sorrow, but it stayed. Everyday you question whether or not it’s worth it or not. That’s what it’s like to be dealing with depression. There is no cure for depression but it can be treated. If you know someone who might be going through depression or a tough time in their life you could help them. Some things that can cause depression are abuse, people who have been abused, whether physically or mentally have a higher chance of going through depression later on in life. Major events. Events such as a new job, getting married/in a relationship can lead to depression. So can moving, losing a job or income, getting divorced, or retiring. It is very common as you are moving on to a new experience. Loss of a loved one is the most common way to go through depression. You will feel empty inside because you in fact lost a part of yourself. It is very hard to get back to normal after that. These are just some of the causes of depression and don’t apply to everyone. Everyone is different and have gone through their own individual experiences that might be too much for them to handle. All I want to say is that if you or if you know someone who might be going through depression should go to a psychiatrist. Michelle Newman, a professor of psychology at Penn State University says how depression can be treated better by talking to a professional instead of taking drugs to temporarily ease you.  




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Causes Of Depression-



Arlyn Perez

English 1101

December 4, 2019

Abortion, what is it? Well, it is the ending of a pregnancy by removing an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus, it can be performed in-clinic abortion locations or by taking an abortion pill. The most debatable issue the world we live in has faced for many centuries. The practice of abortion dates back to ancient times and has been performed illegally until laws were created to allow the legalization. Although today in some parts of the world, abortion is still considered illegal. The topic of abortion has always and still is controversial to many individuals. It is a highly sensitive subject, with people usually having strong feelings and divided opinions. A person actively for abortion believes that women should be allowed to make their own choice about what happens to their bodies and are entitled to their own freedom. On the other hand, a person who is firmly against sees it as a crime or is against their morals or religious beliefs. Women will do what they think is morally correct no matter what the outcome is. Though the question, should women have the right and accessibility to getting an abortion? Still remains as a personal opinion. However, I believe there shouldn’t be a limit to a woman’s right to control her own body. The two audiences I will be reaching out to about this issue are government authorities in states who are challenging the Roe v. Wade decision and Planned Parenthood. My message will be delivered as a speech to the government authorities to persuade them why this issue shouldn’t be challenged and needs to be the decision of the woman. As for my second message to Planned Parenthood, it will be portrayed as an open letter to discuss the importance of protecting abortion clinics, to continue keeping a safe and accessible way to get an abortion. 


Imagine that you are a woman who happens to be pregnant now you’re presented with a difficult decision of either keeping your unborn baby or getting an abortion. In all honesty, what would you do? What is my decision you might ask? To me that is a no-brainer, as a woman, I know that I am not mentally prepared or physically prepared for a child at the age of 18. I rather get an abortion, I’m a college student trying to study for a career I want for the future, I’m dealing with enough on my plate and adding a child would prevent me from that and could lead to me dropping out to be a full-time mother. However, this is one of the many reasonings as to why women would follow through with an abortion. According to the article on CNN, “Women have abortions for many reasons aside from rape and incest. Here are some of them” by Christina Zdanowicz, multiple women have spoken out about why they got an abortion using the hashtag #YouKnowMe to get their stories heard. A woman named Casey Duran tells her story “… 24 years old and making $15 an hour when she learned she was six weeks pregnant… on birth control and asked her partner to use protection… working as a receptionist and barely having enough to support herself.” This example here explains that even when a woman is taking precautions to ensure an unwanted pregnancy does not occur, contraceptives don’t always work and mistakes can happen. However, there are facts about what happens when strict laws are inflicted on women. According to “Debates over anti-abortion laws have raised common myths about abortion. These are the facts” By Holly Yan, recently states have been passing stricter laws on abortion making it less accessible. As evidence, Yan provides a map displaying the distance of the nearest abortion clinic with states like Wyoming and South Dakota having 1 clinic available between 90-176 miles away. Not only is transportation difficult, but the cost of an abortion has also increased due to the stricter laws. The same article I just mentioned by Holly Yan states “… with tougher state laws getting passed, more abortion providers are going out of service…  means higher costs for abortions… clinics must fly in a physician each week to provide abortion care, raising the costs for patients.” So now that you understand why women should make the decision about their own body and should not be restricted to any laws. You might begin to think why is Roe v. Wade’s outcome being challenged? The New York Times article “Abortion Bans: 9 States Have Passed Bills to Limit the Procedure This Year” by K.K. Rebecca Lai,  discusses how in some states, government authorities are proposing more stricter bills on abortion with most passing and being signed into existence. According to the article “Louisiana on Wednesday passed a bill to ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, making the state the ninth this year to pass abortion restrictions that could challenge the constitutional right established in Roe v. Wade.” I find this bill to be an abomination, it is unfair for a female to be restricted because at six weeks when the fetal heartbeat is detected, the body image of a woman for most the difference is not noticeable. Right now I want you to search up images of pregnant women at 6 weeks, if you don’t get any symptoms or appear pregnant and find out later you are it’ll be too late. So sometimes a female isn’t even aware that she’s pregnant and this bill prevents her from making her own decision on time, being left with a baby she does not want. I understand that although abortion is a horrible thing,  a woman who is not ready to maintain a baby doesn’t have to keep it to satisfy the state’s law, it should be her own choice to make. The truth is that abortion needs to stop being challenged. Women are entitled to their freedom, body, and choice. Ultimately everyone should have the right to their own body and freedom without a high authority trying to control it. 

Open letter-

Dear Planned Parenthood,

My name is Arlyn Perez and I am here to say that I stand behind your goals and believe that abortion clinics should continue growing to help increase the safety and accessibility for women.  In the past, abortion in the United States, abortion was authorized to happen before quickening, or the start of fetal movements began (15–20 weeks) after conception but other states were completely against it, making it illegal. Illegal abortions are the ones that caused more damage to women sometimes resulting in death. According to the article “History of Abortion.” National Abortion Federation, /about-abortion /history-of-abortion/, A lot of women died or suffered serious medical problems after attempting to self-induce abortions. Others went to untrained practitioners who were uneducated and performed abortions with dangerous methods often in unsanitary conditions. I don’t want women going back to these harmful methods because strict laws are being enforced to prevent abortion from happening. So I fully support planned parenthood or any other reproductive health service and will gladly donate to help women get access to a sanitary and secure abortion clinic. Although abortion clinics have been pushed to get their facility license removed in certain states, I’m glad to see that you are getting the word out by posting an open letter on your website to address why it is necessary to keep clinics around. The line “ We denounce the reckless actions of those who oppose reproductive freedom, and together with Planned Parenthood, will fight every attack that threatens access to reproductive health care” really stuck with me because it’s a bold and powerful statement saying we will not stop fighting until states stop challenging Roe v. Wade.

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Muslim Ban and other discriminative Policies by Trump… how can we make a change in next Presidential Election.


Donald Trump, the 45th president of the U.S. of America has many controversial policies that forced many Americans especially, the Muslim Americans to feel insecure and threatened. Not only Muslim Americans, Hispanic community is also being targeted continuously by Trump’s discriminative policies. His proposed campaign policies of a Muslim Ban, building wall against immigrants, vetting etc., has received tremendous amount of negative reactions from many people, especially from the Democrats and even from some people from the Republicans side. After he won the presidency on November 8th, 2016, he began implementing his policies after few days. The Ban on seven predominantly Muslim Countries was a significant one. Even though these policies are not really debated about in the politic world nowadays, but they have left the elements which resulted in increase in the hate crime against minorities and also islamophobia. Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims is a violation of human rights and discriminatory against a certain group of people which is not justified at any circumstances.

President Donald trump assumed office on January 10th, 2017. Shortly after few days later he enacted the ban on seven predominant Muslim nations in the middle east. “The most pernicious aspect of profiling and targeting the Muslim citizens of the seven nations in the EO travel ban is the way that it normalized prejudice and gave license to hateful rhetoric and violent extremists.” (Line 47, Hanadi Al Samman). The above quote can be perfectly verified by the white nationalist which proves that Trumps nationalistic rhetorics is emboldening and giving rise to hateful and extremist groups in the United States.

The rise of Islamophobia has affected Muslim women even more than Muslim men. “Chief among the targets of this Islamophobic tide are Muslim women identifiable to the public as Muslims because they wear hijabs.” (Line 11, Amaney A. Jamal). Muslim women are more likely to be target of hate and bigotry because of their outwardly appearance more so than Muslim men. They are the biggest victims of Trump’s hateful rhetorics.

The reason Muslim women are the primary target of hate speech is because they are different from the mainstream American women. “She remains a victim of “Americanness gone wrong” and is dependent on an “American ideal” for her survival.” (Line 51, Amaney A. Jamal). Islamophobes don’t consider Muslim women as part of mainstream American society because of their foreign looks, clothing and lifestyle. And on top of that throughout history and many societies have blamed minorities for their own failure. For example, Germany and the Jews in the 20th Century.

Trump’s presidential campaign was mostly based on stereotypes and heavy generalizations against various groups. Like, he called Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers which is a massive generalization. He made similar generalizations against Muslim immigrants too. “The increasing prevalence of anti-Muslim rhetoric and action, the unabashed reassertion of white male power, and recent attempts to erode the rights of women, queers, immigrants, and people of color have serious consequences for our research, teaching, and engagement with public debates and communities.” (Line 1-5, Gokariksel). It is true that there are negative practices in all cultures. But those practices are done by very few people and are definitely not representative of entire community. This shows Trump’s biasness against non-European cultures.

Besides the racism and Islamophobia spread by Trump and his political party, there have various measures for counter movements of resistance. “Resistance movements against the kind of white male dominance that Trump’s presidency represents and has been trying to restore have embraced Muslims alongside other maligned groups (immigrants, brown, black, native, Latino, queer, women).” (Line 41, Gokariksel). On the bright side, many Americans have rejected right wing ideologies of intolerance and bigotry and embraced the beauty of diversity and multiculturalism. The most prime example is the women’s march led by Linda Sarsour, A Palestinian American human rights activist, in 2017. In that march, Americans opposed Islamophobia and racism and spread the virtues of tolerance, Acceptance and equality between genders and races.

Now, let’s talk about his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again”. It is basically another way of saying make America “white” again. “In 2016, demographers pointed to declines in white Americans ‘life expectancies, with anxiety and depression-driven drug over-doses as a contributing factor (Tavernise, 2016), one of many symp-toms of the erosion of the white middle class (Thompson, 2016).” (Line 38, Gokariksel and Smith). There is a fear among the white community that because of immigration from non-European countries, there culture might erode. Trump used these irrational fears to fill his vote banks by appealing to these people with promises that he will bring back America’s “glorious” days back.

Even though, Trump’s ban was prevented from being enacted he later tried to push fir anther ban on Muslims. “President Trump’s second attempt at a “Muslim ban,” more than twice as long as the first and more narrowly tailored, prohibits people from six countries—Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen—from immigrating or traveling to the United States for 90 days.” (Line 1, Hing). Similar efforts for building border walls are also being pushed for.

Muslims are not the only one who are affected by the election of 2016. Other minorities like Hispanics, Asians and blacks are also heavily affected. Innocent black men have been shot by Police. “The vast majority of incidents reported – 206 – were anti-immigrant, followed by anti-African American violence. Fifty-one incidents of anti-Muslim hate crimes were reported.” (Line 7, Sohrabji). Cops have been called on black men for no apparent reason. Racial profiling of people of color have been dramatically increased and hate crimes have been on the rise at an exponential rate.

In conclusion, next Presidential Election is taking place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 and I want citizens of United States of America to think about how peace, love, harmony and tolerance can be promoted if the general American public unite together regardless of skin color, race, ethnicity, religion and vote for a better leader this time. We don’t want to choose a leader who spread hate, violence and bigotry among the people who are different in looks, cast, creed and race. We don’t want any president who causes subsequent rise to islamophobia and rampant racism in the United States like Trump has. His hate speeches against Muslims and other people of color in the country has given rise to a new divide in the country which has never been seen since the 1960s.  But these things should not be tolerated and should neither be promoted as they can play a major role in spreading hatred among different groups in this diverse American society. Vote wisely on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 because your decision reflects the future of our country.

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Does Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems?

Arnelle Martinson

English 1101

Professor Jewell





Dear Parents of KIPP AMP Academy middle school,


          In today’s society, video games have become rampant in our children’s day-to-day activities. Although these video games may seem very entertaining for your children many of these video games have a negative influence that can impact your children  in aggressive and violent ways. Video games such as “Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto, Call of duty, etc” consists of features that allows you to scavenge for armor and weapons and the primary motives are to kill ,rob banks and hijack cars. In an article on Psychology Today website, “The American Psychiatric Association” states, “in 2015 concluding that playing video games may lead to more aggressive moods and behaviors and attracts the players feelings empathy and sensitivity to aggression”. This clearly shows that because of the savagery shown in these video games children will have a hard time empathizing with others and are more likely to be hostile towards their peers. Also on the USA today website an article named “Study Confirms Link Between Violent Video Games and Physical Aggression”, states that “It was learned Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two teenagers who committed the Columbine High School shooting played the first shooting computer game Doom”. This text is significant because it shows how two teenagers decided to practice this video game in real life. This violence act had harmed many people in the process also the two teenagers had a lack of empathy. It also states on the Children’s Health website that “Research has shown that when children and adolescents see individuals they connect with in media… they are more likely to adopt to those influencers opinions…research believes the same way happened in video games”. This text is very important because it shows how as teenagers when we identify and like certain people we see on social media we tend to copy those influences and this can have the same effect on violent video games. If the primary goal of video games is to kill people in a virtual world and use AK 47 guns this will continue to have an effect on children’s behavior and social skills.  This is why as parents we need to look at the type of video games our children play so that they would not end up becoming unsympathetic and antagonistic. Therefore, as parents we need to be cautious of the video games we buy for children. Parents need to consider buying children healthier video games that can exercise their mind and help with children’s learning abilities. In the end violent video games should not be bought in a household because children are easily influenced and persuaded to follow the lifestyle of these violent video games.


                                                                                               Sincerely, Arnelle Martinson


                                                                                                                 December 3,2019



Dear CEO of Gamestop, George Sherman,


             In this day in age, video games have become the social norm and trend for children and teenagers. These video games that teenagers are exposed to young adults can show very violent and graphic images. Because some of these video games are violent and sexually explicit, it can negatively  impact teenagers to cultivate immoral behaviors. I propose to you CEO of Gamestop George Sherman, that violent video games are no longer sold at Gamestop.

        Teenagers that are continually susceptible  to violent acts in video games can send the wrong message to their minds. In an article called “Do Violent Video Games Trigger Aggression?” shows  that a study created by a psychologist named Hull states, “ Hull theorizes violent games help kids become more comfortable with taking risks and engaging in abnormal behavior. Their sense of right and wrong is being warped”. This text comes to show that when children repeatedly play violent video games they are more likely to think its okay to carry out vicious behavior in schools such as being hot-tempered and becoming a bully to their peers without caring about the consequences. Children are supposed to be raised with morals that will allow them to be nice and friendly amongst their peers. Violent video games will lead a child to becoming anti-social and restrain them from taking part in social activities in school, if it takes over the child or teenager’s life. This is why it is very important to remove violent video games such as “Grand Theft Auto,Assassin’s Creed,Black Opps” out of the gaming market.

      On the other hand, there are many gamers like you,  Mr. Chairman, who would disagree with taking all the violent video games  out of the market. For example a gamer named Tom Fober in an article titled “ Do Video Games Encourage Violent Acts?”states that “  While this desire might be considered unsavory, it can also be understood as an outlet for our aggression and darker desires, in a safe fantasy world where nobody dies forever.” This sentence suggests that video games is a place where people are able to satisfy their heart desires for violence and aggression in a secure place which is the “video game” without hurting anyone. However, I disagree with this statement because there has been multiple school shootings due to the use of violent video games. In an article on titled “Do Violent Video Games Lead To Criminal Behavior” points out that “ The games came under fire in 2012 after Adam Lanza gunned down 20 children and six teachers in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. It later turned out that he was obsessed with violent video games.”  This clearly shows that, although Adam Lanza played video games in his home safely without hurting anyone for a while, he later felt the need to take this practice of violent video games out into the real world and take innocent lives away.  The violent video games he played repeatedly had impacted his behavior in becoming savage and hostile towards others in real life. This example shows why we need put all violent video games out of the market.

            In the end, violence in any shape or form ,whether it is in a virtual world or real world should not be accepted. Violent video games can destroy the mind of a human being and can lead it into unhealthy acts of immorality. Ending Violent Video games would put this world in a safe place.                                   




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Trump’s New Asylum Policy

Asylum seekers, especially from Central America’s Northern Triangle which consists of individuals from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, are traveling to the United States in search of a new home but are being detained. These individuals are fleeing severe gang violence, government corruption, and cartel violence in hopes of finding safety for themselves and their family members. Despite making the dangerous journey from their home countries without external assistance, these individuals are being told to wait months before having an asylum consideration trail in Mexico due to a new Trump administration policy called the Migrant Protection Protocols (M.P.P.). The M.P.P. requires asylum seekers to remain in Mexico for the duration of their legal proceedings, which can last several months. While in Mexico these individuals live in makeshift camps that are unprotected and with slumlike conditions. This new shift in the treatment of asylum seekers has placed these individuals in grave danger as there is no protection from the threats they were fleeing in the first place. This policy has to change as it is attacking the core moral purpose of the United States asylum process.

This is a political policy that has a direct impact on the people of the U.S. As immigrants look to the U.S. as a beacon of acceptance and safety, the Trump administration is destroying this promise and eroding the moral integrity of this nation. Therefore, I choose to write a letter to Bloomberg a presidential candidate that is basing his running on grounds of morality and social change. It is my hope that engaging Bloomberg will put a spotlight in the presidential race for others to see the immorality of the M.P.P.. The second genre I chose is an op-ed in regards to this issue as it will voice my concerns and share these ideas with like-minded individuals.  I would like to submit my article to the New York Times as a contributing voice against Trump’s policy.


Dear Bloomberg,

The United States is known as a country made up of a patchwork of immigrants. It is one of this country’s greatest strengths, as immigrants have contributed to the prosperity and growth seen in the U.S. today. In addition to being a beacon of diversity, the U.S. has been a leader in granting asylum to people from all over the world as they flee from the dangers and prosecution of their homelands. With this in mind, the current administration’s stance on asylum seekers is alarming specifically when it comes to applicants from the southern border.  

Recently, you announced your decision to run for the presidency under the Democratic ticket for the 2020 election, as a champion for morality and social justice. As a counterpoint to immorality, I want to focus your attention on Trump’s current asylum policy called the Migrant Protection Protocols (M.P.P.) colloquially known as “Remain in Mexico.” The M.P.P. requires asylum seekers from Central America’s Northern Triangle to remain in Mexico for the duration of their legal proceedings, which can last for many months. These people who have escaped from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala due to life-threatening circumstances have been met with this new policy that forces them to wait in Mexican border towns without protection while their paperwork processes. 

Many of these vulnerable individuals are placed in towns like Ciudad Juárez, one of the most dangerous cities in the world to await their asylum hearings. Their lives are in constant danger as these towns are filled with kidnappers, thieves, and criminals who take advantage of asylum seekers’ vulnerability. Another one of the changes made is the metering of asylum seekers which strictly limits the number of individuals who can even apply for asylum. The fact that Trump’s policy significantly decreases the number of applications has created a bottleneck in the initial process.

This policy is the result of extremely biased views from the Trump administration. This nation is built by immigrants and should continue to be a beacon of hope for those who seek refuge. I urge you to campaign against Trump’s policy towards asylum seekers. Fight against this inhumane policy and work with those that are fighting to repeal it. 


Ihn Lee



Op-ed: Immoral Asylum Policy

By Ihn Lee

Dec. 2, 2019

Immigration Today

Is the Migrant Protection Protocols (M.P.P.) more commonly known as “Remain in Mexico” really the best policy? Should Trump really have a wall, that will cost billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money, “to prevent illegal immigration, drug and human trafficking, and acts of terrorism” as stated by Trump? Professor Michael Dear’s opinion differs from Trump’s in the sense that the wall will not resolve these problems because many illegal immigrants already in the U.S. do not engage in criminal activity and truth be told, drug cartels can will function and deliver their goods with or without a wall. Erecting a wall on the border makes sense if Trump wants to keep asylum seekers in Mexico.  

El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala the Deadliest Countries World-wide

Asylum seekers, especially from Central America’s Northern Triangle which consists of individuals from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, are traveling to the United States in search of a new home but are being detained. Authors of  a New York Times article, Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Elisabeth Malkin note that asylum seekers from the Northern Triangle are at record highs with “about 150,000 Salvadorans [becoming] refugees or [seeking] asylum in recent years.” El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala are the deadliest countries in the world. Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world, El Salvador is 5th, and Guatemala is 6th , according to 

This influx was due to severe violence where in 2017 “there were 10.8 homicides a day in El Salvador.” The number of murders in the U.S. for the same year were 47.4 homicides a day, according to an FBI report. In comparison with the U.S. population which is 51 times bigger and landmass which is 467 times larger than El Salvador, El Salvador’s daily average was extremely high. Asylum seekers who came to the U.S. border were so desperate as they left behind their homes in search of safety because their government could not protect them from gangs, robberies, kidnapping, raped, tortured, and killed for ransom. Unfortunately, these migrants were forced to stay in Mexico which was no better than what these asylum seekers left behind as Mexico has experienced a rise in the murder rate last year with 35,964 killed and a continued uptick this year.

 Asylum seekers have risked their lives to arrive to the U.S. Southern borders in search of a reprieve to be sent back and told to remain in Mexico; however, asylum seekers who were forced to stay in Mexico live in Mexican border towns that are extremely dangerous. These migrants have been subject to kidnappings, discrimination, prejudice, and poverty. In addition, to this deterrent, the Trump administration enacted metering as noted by a CBS article by Kate Smith that discussed the shift in for Customs and Border Patrol officers who have processed on average 20 individuals a day in Jan 2019 instead of the 100 individuals a day in that was the past standard. Due to this shift, many migrants have lost hope, get frustrated  and return home.  

Morality in the United States Asylum Process

The M.P.P. requires asylum seekers to remain in Mexico for the duration of their legal proceedings, which can last several months. One of the reasons why so many asylum seekers are staying at the border for a longer time is the higher denial rate of asylum grants by immigration judges. The denial rate increased from 42.0%, in 2012 during the Obama administration, to 65%, in 2018 during Trump administration, according to a TRAC report. Asylum seekers are therefore forced to wait at the borders towns forming makeshift camps that lack proper sanitation or protection, and as a result, the most vulnerable population, children suffering the most. Kevin Sieff from Washington Post focused his article on the impact this policy has on children. Many fall ill, and their parents lack the ability to acquire the proper medical intervention. As a result, parents have sent their children over the border alone in hopes that their children are found by CBP (Customs and Border Protection) officers because of the fact that unaccompanied minors are not affected by M.P.P. This policy has not only broken these asylum seekers’ hope but it has also destroyed their families.   

Despite this very bleak situation, there are ways that we can help those who wait in Mexico for asylum. As there are not many lawyers available in these border towns, we can encourage bar associations to mobilize and volunteer their services to asylum seekers who can greatly benefit from legal aid. We, everyday citizens can show our support by writing letters to Congress for an asylum policy repeal. We can donate items such as clothing or dry goods to organizations that are working with asylum seeking families at border towns. In other words, there is hope for our country to still be a beacon of light for those who seek refuge in her towns. We cannot forget that this nation is built by immigrants.




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